Titanium Sporks

I have a titanium spork. It rocks! Now when I’m eating angel hair pasta, I don’t have to choose a fork which can’t pick up the sauce or a spoon which can’t pick up the noodles.

It cost me $10 and it’s made out of titanium. I found it in a sporting goods store. It even has a little hole at the top so you can attach it to a necklace or something.


I wish I had a titanium spork. Titanium sporks r0><0r.

I’d tell you where I got it, but I threw away the package. All I remember about the company that made it was that it had a “c” in the name and it was based in Japan.

Well, I did a bit of research on the ‘net and I found one by a company called Snowpeak. Ranges from $9-$11 depending on the site. I might have to get me one o’ those! :slight_smile:

Yep, it was Snow Peak. I thought there was a ‘c’ in there. Guess not. After a little bit of web searching I found an earlier post I made in a Yahoo message board ( http://messages.clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/thechurchofthealmightyspork/bbs?action=m&tid=thechurchofthealmightyspork&sid=12182320&mid=60 ) in which I mentioned the company name.

You can find one in the REI catalog too.

I saw the Titanium Spork in the REI catalog that came Thursday. I was going to start a thread about it because I found it so absurd… And then JellyDonut comes in singing its praises! LOL

And the Titanium Spork caused me to discover an unpleasant truth about my mother also. I got the aforementioned REI catalog and was thumbing through it, when I began giggling about the Titanium Spork, because, like Johnny L.A., I found it rather silly and amusing, and told Mom , and she said (I am not making this up): “What’s a spork?” I’ve known for a while that she’s somewhat out of touch with mainstream society; it’s not a problem most of the time, she’s happy in her own little world and all is fine. But for the love of God, what the hell planet has she been living on that she doesn’t know what a spork is???

sooo… JellyDonut… do you also drill lightening holes in your toothbrush? Ever cut the tags off your clothes to save pack weight?

On a semi-related matter… I used to use “Sporkulus” (the great god of sporks) as a user name around 1997, before I discovered SDMB.