Behold the spork...

I debated whether this should go into the GD forum and thought about MPSIMS, but decided it would be pointless to ask it there…

As I sit here eating my lunch, I find myself contemplating the meaning of life and other really deep stuff. I wonder why the spork, undeniably the greatest eating utensil known to man, isn’t a staple of fine cutlery. I know this because I’ve been looking for new flatware and note that there is not a spork among any set I’ve seen. Why so? Sporks are infinitely more useful that those little cocktail forks…

In fact, the only non-plastic sporks I’ve seen are those wooden salad servers and an old zinc plated army issue thing. So the real question, and yes there is a bit of a serious question here… has anyone seen a proper flatware set that contains sporks?

You might be interested in this Mailbag article:

Why is it so hard to get a good spork?

If you count titanium as “proper flatware”, the article references a place to purchase one :slight_smile:


My parents had something like a spork that came with their flatware set. There was only one of them, so I assume it’s intended for serving and not for eating with (it’s about the size of a tablespoon). Since “spork” is a proprietary name, most flatware manufacturers probably have a different name for them. A Runcible spoon is something similar, but I couldn’t find any on the Oneida website, so maybe they use yet another name.

One site I found says they are popular in Japan. Perhaps you could find a website selling Japanese flatware sets.

Ever noticed that sporks are the perfect utensil for eating Ramen noodles? Use a regular spoon and you’ll never get a grip on the slippery suckers. With a spork you get noodles and broth all at once!!!

OK, I’m easily impressed…

For those looking for an alternate use (or meaning) for the spork try here:

My parents have a fancy Scandinavian silverware set whose forks have a bowl-like head. Something like a cross between the true spork and the fork.

Maybe, but nothing beats the real thing: eating it with cheap wooden chopsticks and drinking the soup straight out of the bowl!

Titanium, baby.

Are these thingies what the US people call sporks?

If so, a google search on “splayd” will find you some flatware.

I think you may have discovered the ever-elusive foon.