To Admins: Lifetime Membership

I fear you missed a trick by not offering non-refundable lifetime membership for however much $50-75-99 even. Same rules and conditions as everyone else and no special anything, including no guarantees about how long the Board would be here.

For some this is an emotional commitment and purchase at the start of a new kinda ‘adventure’, and you’re not giving the wealthier the option to ‘commit’ long-term at this initial ‘euphoria’ stage of the game – hell, for $99 you could throw in a special signed-by-cecil t-shirt or summin’. Good DopeFest material.

It doesn’t have to make great economic sense, quite a few would pay because . . . because they want to, dammit.

Less bloody admin, as well.

Just thought I’d mention it as it might be something to think about. Well, a couple-several grand should be worth thinking about . . .

Here, here. I agree. I can’t at this moment in time pay for such most likely; but I would like the option. And I would find the money somehow asap. Something to think about, at least. Since I’ve seen this query in other threads, we aren’t the only ones who would want this option.

I guess if it has no additional side effects you can simply buy 10, 20, or 50 years in advance, or do you think that this is not motivating enough?

One step at a time. One baby step.

Yes, lots of such ideas were considered and will be considered, but the decision was to go step by step. Look at the amount of flak, the people with various problems, the people with creative ideas… imagine that multiplied tenfold if the READER had put other wrinkles into the system.

Once the simple, straightforward, one-step system is up and running smoothly, other modifications and experimentation can be considered in the future.

“creative” – I guess you mean common sense ?

If baby steps is your analogy for bringing this operation into profitability, or at least making it financially accountable, you should be grateful you don’t answer directly to stock/shareholders because I suspect they might not be best impressed.

For this idea “the future” is here; you missed the opportunity already. That initial plastic-in-hand ‘euphoria’ went when they paid the first time.
And if you don’t heed the suggestion and put a sticky in GQ prior to 21st April (so as to not immediately lose several years accumulation of experts willing to give their time for free as of that date), then they’ll be a lot more to say.

GQ is as much about the quality of answers as it is questions, and your policy of making the very many drive-by experts pay to answer is going to trivialise the forum that defines this Board - IMHO Revisited.