Why does the SDMB not have lifetime subscriptions? (not a pitting)

The Something Awful forums offer lifetime subscriptions, and they probably get more traffic than the Dope boards. Why doesn’t the Dope do this, in addition to the yearly rate? Perhaps price it around what three 1-year subscriptions would cost ($45). Wouldn’t it be a good way to encourage contributing posters to hang around indefinitely, instead of just quitting at around one of the renewing periods? In terms of finances, isn’t $45 now significantly better than $45 spread over the next three years? Sure, you may lose out on future fees from some members, but you’ll also gain the money from those who pay the lifetime fee and would otherwise have quit after 1 or 2 years. And there’s always those folks who stop reading the Dope for a while, and then come back a year or two later (which is what I’ve done a couple of times). If it takes re-subscribing to get back into it, some may just decide never to come back.

From what I’ve seen, the subscription system is fairly automated. So any changes are going to mean a lot of work.

I certainly get the impression that TPTB have little time left for overhauls after they do all the maintenance tasks. Although they could just be saying that because they’re busy spending the board’s profits.

Also TubaDiva has mentioned a couple of times that they’re not making big changes until they know more about what the new owners have planned.

So even if they like the idea (Personally, I like the idea) I bet the answer will be “Not Yet”

But do we really want to encourage certain people to stick around year after year after year? Some people just never seem to get the hint and leave already.

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Who does offer lifetime subscriptions anymore?

How much did Reader’s Digest and Playboy lose with their $100 life subscriptions?

Well, at least she highlighted it!

Wait! New owners? What new owners? Can they sell the Dope without the approval of us investors?