To da ladies: Do u find large hands sexy?

How many women here find large hands sexy? I’m asking because i have large, strong hands and women almost always comment on it, usually in a more intimate setting. It has been a point of flirtation for many women i have known.

They’ll say “Wow!, you have such large hands!” and them fondle them and then compare theirs against mine. So i guess they’re a turn-on, huh?

you know what they say about a guy with large hands and feet!

Yep—He wears large gloves and large shoes!

Yes, large hands can be quite sexy. It’s not just the size, but the shape and the way the man uses them.

It varies really. Not a guaranteed turn-on, but definitely an attention grabber.

He needs big gloves and socks??

That he needs big gloves and socks?

Yep. LOVE large hands. Must have large hands.

Very sexy to me and it stirs the imagination for what lies beneath.

i never reallly thought about it, but now that i think about it…

yes, definitely! (feminists beware: blatant gender stereotyping follows) large hands just seem so masculine, and indicate such strength and virility. quite attractive.

cold shower time. :slight_smile:

I definitely like large hands, but they must be well-formed and not too clunky. Hate dirty, ragged fingernails! A carpenter’s hands are just about right.

Regarding the “parallel size” issue, a gay male friend told me that the SIZE OF THE THUMB is an excellent predictor of penis size and shape. I must confess I havent done an exhaustive test of this…

Oh god yes.

Madonna’s husband has the nicest, sexiest hands and arms I’ve ever seen. sigh
Wow, you’d never know I was a lesbian, would you

I have to admit that big hands on a guy are kind of sexy. Especially if they are well-groomed. I have very small hands, so the contrast has something to do with it, I’m sure. I also love strong, masculine forearms. :o

<— Has trouble finding large enough gloves to fit… and ecstatic over response to this thread.

How are these large hands being measured ehre? Are we talking hamfists with short stubby fingers, or more gracile versions, with long, thin-yet-agile fingers? I fall into the latter category (my index finger is just shy of 4.5" long, measured form the knuckle, as an example).

And bettybad, I can say that the thumb is not even close as an accurate predictor. A better predictor might be base of thumb to tip of index finger. Infer from that what you will…

On a serious note, I’m a very confirmed heterosexual and even I find large hands to be very a “masculine” trait.

I’m always particularly impressed by men with large hands who are nevertheless dextrous and precise. While I certainly can’t comment on whether it’s “attractive” I do find it a distinct element of charisma for men.

Case in point: various big-handed guitar players (e.g. Matt “guitar” Murphy). I’m absolutely fascinated watching a guy with big meaty hands bring music out of the axe…

Of course, being large-handed myself I will certainly agree that the old saying about “big hands, big feet…” is true (and I don’t mean gloves and shoes)

BettyBad - Mr. Adoptamom is a master carpenter with large hands - aren’t I the lucky gal? :smiley:

I do know that lesbians with large hands are considered well-hung.

yes I like large hands, they are sexy, large feet too, although sometimes I feel weird when I shake a guys hands and they are super soft.

Its about time. I was about to take my 11.5’s (US) and clomp home in disgust.

And, this is somewhat embarrassing, I’ve got a better grasp ahem of the size of my penis than my hands. How big is a big hand? (And don’t tell me 1000 people clapping.)

It’s not the size that really matters to me (though if a guy had smaller hands than me it’d be really weird). It’s how they’re shaped.

Personally I prefer long fingers over stubby ones. They seem a lot more elegant. I also agree on the fignernail thing - ragged nails are a big no no. So are nails that are wider than they are long.

I LOVE me those large, strong even calloused hands on men.

I think it takes me back to when I was a little girl.
My dad had large, rough skinned hands… and I always felt so safe when my hand was in his.
I’m more attracted to men who are outdoorsy and busy with their hands (paint, mountain bike, play hockey…not just hands that type on a computer or push paper) soooo… rough skin on hands tells me a bit about how they live.