To Hell It Went...And From Hell It Returns!

To whoever it was that shouted “Encore! Encore!” after watching “Manos-Hand Of Fate”, I raise part of MY hand to you.
You know what they say-You just can’t keep a bad lunch down.

edited to add: Teaser trailer of Fate!

Did Torgo (the original) have the same problem Popeye did, only his shins instead of fore-arms?

That was even tough to watch with the MST3K guys lambasting it.

“Manos”-the turkey that (lam)bastes itself.

^ :: golf clap ::

According to Wiki, the character of Torgo was originally supposed to be a satyr, presumably with the legs of a goat. But the actor inadvertently wore the metal rig backwards underneath his clothes, making him just look deformed.

Colibri, I am truly sorry you had to know that/look it up.

Let’s all give him a great big hand!

Let’s all give him a great big [del]hand[/del] shin!


I’ll just let myself out.

What’s amazing is that it has some of the same cast.
You’d think they would know better.

Coincidentally, I just started watching MST3000 again on Netflix and Manos was the first episode. It was so weird that I checked out the Wiki article later for an explanation, especially of Torgo’s apparent deformity.

Apparently his costume was supposed to include cloven hooves but he wore boots instead.

Let’s wait until the big party: The Hands of Fete.

Unfortunately, not the actor who played Torgo, who committed suicide at the age of 25 shortly before the movie premiered.

No, he was wearing Depends incorrectly.


Joel Hodgson and/or Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, Trace Beaulieu need to put together a special episode of MST3K just for this.

I, for one, would pay a lot to see that.

I actually thought this referenced another classic of bad film-making, the 1957 movie From Hell It Came. The monster in that is a real laugh riot.

Wait, if they’re re-using some of the same cast, does that mean that the movie will no longer be a Bacon isolate? Or are the new cast members also all singletons?