To hell with taco trucks on every corner

Tweets Little Marco: "To recap tonight’s Democratic debate.

If they are elected you will get govt controlled internet, energy, schools and health care.

And as a bonus, reefer for everyone!"

Can’t we have reefer and taco trucks? They go well together.

Rubio is a fucking idiot.

Sounds like a winning slogan. “Reefer for everyone” could be this century’s " A chicken in every pot." It would certainly get my vote.

We already have govt controlled internet thanks to the trump administration’s dislike of consumer protections, but I wouldn’t expect most trumpistas to know about that.

Would the stoners be Motivated enough to go out and vote?

So long as it doesn’t require a bath, a haircut, or a job, we’re cool with it.

Sure man, cool, we’ll all put down the pipe and show up on Super Wednesday.

Yes. When Marijuana legalization is on the ballot, it always boosts turnout, especially among younger voters. See Michigan last time, and Illinois when Pritzker ran hard on legalization.

“Some pot in every chicken.”

Some chicken after every pot.


And it will be a real bummer when you find out the election was on Tuesday :stuck_out_tongue:

We got clean for Gene, surely we could do it again for Berjoepeteliz.

Not an actual political discussion.

I am trying for IMSMPS. I am open to IMHO or The BBQ Pit.

Cannabis4All is just a start. Add many mindbenders. But no antibiotics. Wouldn’t be prudent. We can’t have too much health, now can we?

What if you got reefer as soon as you left the polling place? Would that goose turn out?

Hadn’t heard about the taco trucks since like 2016. Combined with Marco, I thought this was going to be an old thread.

Reefer for all and tacos on every corner!