Screw Mitt and Obama, here is our next Prez

OK, I have found the guy I am supporting for President. If you read up on him I think all correct thinking dopers will agree.
Here is a candidate we can all support.
Vermin Supreme
His platform includes such planks as:
[li]Free ponies for all Americans (and a pony based economy)[/li][li]Zombie apocalypse awareness[/li][li] Mandatory tooth brushing[/li][/ul]

What’s not to like?


I had one of those on my last trip to Taco Bell. I urge fellow Dopers not to make the same mistake.

Wow, I didn’t know that Taco Bell even took over the underground fried rat market!

Come on you have to admit that burrito would make a great president.

Yeah, the StrongintheArms came up short on their taxes and lost the monopoly.

Well, he seems a hell of a lot better than Vermin Inferior. That guy sure sucked.

They can make me brush my teeth when they put it in my cold dead hand… I then I guess put it in my cold dead mouth and move it in an up and down circular motion.

Is his brother’s name Virus?

No I think it’s Burrito.