To Hell With Uninformative Cable News

Coming back from picking up the beer for the Broncos game (which has already pissed me off–fucking Andre Hall), I flip the TV on. It was set to MSNBC where I see a big banner saying “Breaking News: Obama Campaign Not Suspended” and Rachel and some other talking head going on about whatever the news was but absolutely no information about what it actually was. So of course I assume the worst; something along the lines of someone decided to take a shot at Obama. I had to get on the internet to learn that the amazingly-important BREAKING NEWS!!! was that Obama was canceling some events to visit his sick grandmother. Look, I know we’re close to the election and that losing a couple days to see his grandmother possibly one last time could have some horserace implications, but would it kill you to add one freaking sentence to the graphic saying why?

I know, the cable news either thinks you already know what’s going on, or they want you to hang around to see their ads.

The TV hasn’t been on in this house for almost a year. I’m glad I don’t have to put up with that crap.

It’s actually a pretty big deal though. I just started a thread in Great Debates because I’m curious to know how people think it’ll affect him.

As I said in that post, it’ll sure make some grandmothers respect him more. It’ll be interesting to see if it’s spun into something negative by the McCain camp or their resident neanderthals.

Worse than uninformative graphics:

“A popular dinner side dish MAY BE KILLING YOUR CHILD. News at 10.”

It’s always nothing. And someday maybe it won’t be nothing anymore and peas, or whatever, really will be dangerous and then what? Nobody is going to know about it because nobody takes those teasers seriously.

“This is your captain speaking. There is no cause for alarm. Thank you.”

Not the peas! :eek: Nah, lets blame it on the macaroni and cheese. :wink: