Primetime Obama

Tonight Barack Obama has bought half an hour of airtime on three major networks, and I have heard nothing about it! So what is the dopers best guess on what we will see if we tune in?
Personally, I like to think that he didn’t actually go to Hawaii, but instead went to Pakistan, tracked down Osama Bin Laden, and had a John Woo style shootout with him. - Complete with doves flying out of the cave as Obama enters!

That’s just ridiculous.

What would a dove do in a cave? They need trees!

I’m going to be voting Obama (and straight Dem ticket) and therefore don’t really need to be convinced, so I’m kind of happy that the only network he didn’t buy time on is ABC. That means Pushing Daisies will air at its normal time!

I think taking a half hour of primetime on the networks may backfire on him. We, as Americans, really care about this election. But we really, really care about television. And the sort of people most likely to be making up their mind this late in the game probably NEED their TV shows.

Actually, they tried to negotiate an ad buy with ABC, but they didn’t want to mess with their with their Wednesday night lineup. Obama didn’t really want to do it on another night, and by the time ABC came around, it was too late and the ad buy had already been made. I have a cite at CNN, but I can’t get there right now.

Right on! Everybody, vote for Obama if you want, but watch Pushing Daisies tonight!

I need to get a Pushing Daisies sign for my lawn. :slight_smile:

There’s a joke in all this somewhere. Let me think about it…

*"What’s the difference between Ned from “Pushing daisies” and Obama?

Well, one can raise the dead just by touching them, while the other…
(Dramatic pause)
–the other makes pies."*

Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week.

Well, I’m sure McCain wishes Ned were real. He needs him to touch his political career.

Note that Obama is going to be on The Daily Show tonight.

I’m more likely to watch him on the Daily Show than on one of the majors tonight.

Anyone know what time it starts? 8:00 EST? 9:00 EST?

I’m thinking he is going to explain his economic recovery program one more time, slowly, for the [del]morons[/del] fellow citizens who still don’t know who they’re going to vote for. If he’s as smart as I think, he’ll have economic experts on to show the tax impact, or at least present graphics to show it himself. Hopefully, he won’t get too pendantic, since that turns off many people.

What IS it about guys with big ears buying primetime blocks to explain their economic plan?


“That sucking sound you hear is John McCain’s political aspirations.”

It’s supposed to start at 8PM EDT. (We’re still in Daylight Savings Time until Sunday morning)

I think there’s also the danger of overkill. Not only annoying someone because whatever program is displaced (are they showing them later that evening or not at all that week?) but from ObamaObamaObamaOBAMAOBAMAOBAMAOBAMA… People are tuning in to fiction to give their thinking minds a break. I guess you could insert a sheeple comment or two here, but the point that primetime is considered relaxation time to many people, and the intrusion of weighty issues may annoy them.

I know it’s not rational, but some people take umbrage to such omnipresence (these folks also don’t like ShamWow). Don’t some actors make an effort to space out their films to avoid this?

Actors don’t have a definite sell-by date. This is likely to be the last national push before Tuesday, other than ads. There are no more debates. This is Obama’s last chance to actually speak to the entire nation at one time before everyone goes to the polls. The stump stops are necessary and effective, but he can only accommodate so large a crowd at one time.

ShamWow? I googled and got a chamois cloth made in Germany…
I think he’s going to debunk the Muslim nonsense and reiterate his plans. Frankly, if you don’t know his plans by now, 30 minutes of remediation is not going to be enough…

I will watch Obama tonight and then watch Pushing Daisies off my DVR. I’ll still be done by 9:20pm.

I am surprised he is doing this. I think it can only hurt him and not help this late in the game.

If he does anything other than make a brief reference to him being Christian I’ll be surprised. The people who continue to believe that a) he’s a muslim and b) muslim = bad won’t be convinced by anything he has to say about the subject. Besides, spending any amount of time on such a blatant lie and non-issue merely gives credence to the idea.

Personally, I think Obama’s camp thought up the idea and bought the time back when the election was a dead heat. Back then, anything to push them over the edge needed to be taken and this was a brilliant idea to help the undecideds and end the stalemate.
They never imagined they were going to be 8 points up in the polls a week before the election. I’m still interested in what he has to say but I have no clue how this could possibly help him grab new undecided or apathetic voters.

I really hope this isn’t the “anything can happen” that will trash Obama’s carefully acquired lead…