Pushing Daisies 10/29

Ned is asked to find…his father!


Oh boy! It’s going to be “Full of Surprising Revelations!”

Did I see Ned with a mustache in that clip?

Remember, folks, that ABC is the only major network that Obama did NOT buy the 8:00 half-hour, so PD should be right on time tonight.

Darn it! I have to work tonight–which sucks, especially since I was supposed to work this morning, but my “supervisor” begged me to work this evening instead. And my brother just got a brand new hi-def plasma TV so I was really looking forward to seeing what the Daisyverse looked like now, and Ned finding his father sounds like a really interestig plotline. . . .

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate my life?

Which is proof that even Obama wants to see Pushing Daisies succeed.

I already plan on voting for Obama so I don’t feel I need to watch his infomercial. So I am hoping that everyone else who feels the same way and the stubborn McCain voters will help boost PD’s ratings.

Well, this stubborn McCain voter is pleased as punch that ABC told Obama to stuff it (or however it worked out, I don’t really care.) Don’t mess with Pushing Daisies!!

All I know is if any of my roommates disturb me at any time between 7:58 and 8:55, I’m going to release the hounds on them. Two weeks in a row they bug me. I’m going to interrupt their favorite shows, see how they like it. :mad:

I heard that they dragged their heels too long on making a decision so he spent the money elsewhere. But yeah, in either case I am glad it’s on, I just hope I get to watch it because I have to work tonight.

Simone is back! I didn’t catch the sexual undertones everyone was talking about, but dayum…ordering him to “come” had me laughing out loud and thanking Og my daughter didn’t catch the innuendo.

Did Emerson have a rug burn on his forehead “after?” :eek:

Nice to see the owner of the restaurant wasn’t the bad guy this time.

And Ned’s brothers. I just melted into a puddle when Ned told them they had the same father. The look of pure joy on their faces and then when they hugged him…sigh.

So, we have twin brothers who do magic, Emerson’s mother, Chuck’s aunties, and Ned’s father somewhere offstage.

I do love this show.

Best line in the whole series to date: “His pockets are so deep when he writes a check the bank bounce.”

This is why I love Emerson Cod so very, very much. He keeps the mystery going when Ned’s neuroses try to bog things down.

And speaking of Ned and neuroses, I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought that Olive and Chuck’s romantic problems got a lot more complicated when the twins showed up. This is going to get good.

Well, Olive thought Dwight was cute, and he has a gun and is stalking the twins. So let’s get Olive in a hostage situation and see how Pigby rescues her.

I think it was lipstick.

I loved that, and I loved how awkward Ned looked, too, before he softened.

Is it just me, or does Ned have a tendency to look really hawt in his various disguises? And have I mentioned lately how awesome Chi McBride is?

I guess I could add that I loved Chuck and Olive as Chinese waitresses and the tea/bladder (especially the bodyguard quoting the narrator)/bathroom/locked in/being cleaned/“I love gongs” incident.

Maybe I should just admit that I love the show, but most of all Kristin. Give her a song every episode!

I note we still do not know Ned’s full name, the last name of the twins was not given.

I loved the show, though I do miss the Aunts and want them back soon.

ivylass, I believe Dwight is stalking Ned’s father and not the twins. This might explain the motivation of why Ned was abandoned.

The girls both looked very cute as Chinese waitresses. How many languages does Chuck know?
BTW: That was lipstick on his head and not a rug burn.

Yay! I got to see most of the show. I liked how I thought to myself how the twins have Ned’s eyebrows and a few seconds later Chuck and Olive remarked the same thing.

Another fun episode. I liked how Chuck introduced herself to Dwight with the same alias she used when infiltrating Betty’s Bees- Kitty Pims, I think it was.

Emerson lavishing praise on Bao’s culinary skills was hilarious! So was Bao’s attempted escape from the morgue.

Simone controlling Emerson with the clicker cracks me up- “And stop calling me But I!”

I think Chuck has to use Kitty Pims since Chuck is officially dead.

I am so craving Chinese food. And playing poker with Chinese dishes is just so…Daisyverse. :smiley:

Yeah, I get why she uses an alias, I just thought it was funny that she apparently likes that name. Didn’t she use a different alias last season, when they were investigating the dog breeder- the one with Simone’s first appearance?

Speaking of names, I laughed when Bao’s wife introduced herself- Lai Di!