"To Rome with Love" - any buzz?

I’ve seen the trailer a few times - anyone know anything about it? (Personally, my definition of a good comedy is one that doesn’t have Woody Allen involved, so I’m doubtful…)

The buzz is that it sucks.

that good, eh!

It’s now at 51% at RT, with 59% among top critics. So not a bad movie by any standards, but not as good as Midnight in Paris or Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Better than Scoop or The Curse of the Jade Scorpion.

OTOH, I’m not so sure about the RT ratings as it has Melinda and Melinda at 53% and that one really blew.

Ebert gives it 3 stars, and mentions explicitly the situation of a so-so Woody Allen film which is better than most other movies.