To share: fun drummer!

Pink, Pokemonish monster laying down the grooves.
DISCLAIMER: kit does not get “destroyed” - just hyperbole. Gets played hard, though, especially starting around 33 second mark - gets cookin!

That is Nyango Star!

Mascot of some place in Aomori, supposed to be an apple that is the reincarnation of a dead cat, and whoever is inside the costume is a goddamn virtuoso drummer.

I guess that it pays the bills…?

(FWIW, the song being played in the video is the theme song for the children’s show “Anpan-man”. I wonder how many kids in the audience got sudden enlightenment or something… :stuck_out_tongue: )

Y’all know he has friends, aye?

He’s o.k., but he is no Bingo.

Oh - missed that.