To the "activists" on both sides of the upcoing election

What do you plan to do once the election is over?

We have to live in this country together, and we will all face the same problems after the election is done. With all the end-of-the-world-if your-candidate-loses attitudes out there, it looks like this will be four years or more of the same character assassination and dirty tricks.

Are you willing to bury the hatchet, regardless of who wins? or is this latest round just fuel for the next round of acrimony and hate?

This should not be business as usual. Someone, somewhere has to stop this madness. Will it be you?

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“upcoming”, indeed.

Well I think the most important thing is to have an election everyone can trust. I’m sick of the past 4 years of bitching about the “stolen” election. As far as what I’ll do when Bush wins? Dunno, consider moving out of NY though, that’s for sure.

<insert candidate name here> stole the 2004 election in <insert state name here>!!



I think it depends on national and world events. If the election is decisive it would help to calm things down. If Iraq succeeds in instituting its own government and Iran and North Korea don’t necessitate further conflict, and if the U.S. can continue to protect itself effectively against catastrophic terrorist attacks I think things will calm down here.

But if the election is exceedingly close, or if the situation in Iraq goes way south (such as civil war, take-over by Muslim fanatics, etc.), or we get involved militarily with North Korea or Iran, or a catastrophic terrorist attack ocurrs, things will probably get even worse than they are now.

History clearly shows there is no limit to the human propensity for conflict, whether it be on the world stage or here at the SDMB.

There will be bitching galore about politics no matter who wins, I just hope that the overall tone of the outrage gets ratcheted down from “rabid polar bear” to “angry skunk.”

Let me ask you a question: Do you think it’s impossible to have a bad president? If, for example, I say something bad about Bush, does that necessarily mean that I am engaging in “dirty tricks” or “character assassination”? Is it completely inconceivable to you that a sitting president could be bad for our country, and that to point that out is merely speaking the truth? I get a vibe from you that this is just partisan politics as usual, but I submit that many people consider the stakes to be much higher than that. Bush Sr. certainly had his detractors, but I honestly don’t recall so many people believing in the urgency of defeating him when he was up for re-election, as they do in this election. I really do think the stakes are higher this time, and it’s not just business-as-usual. You don’t have to agree that Bush is dangerous for this country, but I think if you’re honest, you do have to agree that a sizable portion of the population believes so.

Blowero, this is a great response. I wish I could have put it as well.

5que, are you implying that every time there is an election a significant number of people run around screaming that so-and-so stole the election? I rather think it was justified the last election to at least pull a :dubious: as to what happened down there in Florida, and how legit that election was.

And I hate politics.

Let me assist you in reality my friend.

This simply isn’t going to happen.

Perhaps if we shut the hell up with the rhetoric, but if we keep pushing, they’ll push back. This is especially true with Iran. Of course if things are taken care of through the back channels (which should be done with the entire WOT) these pompous politicians have nothing to brag about.

Won’t happen. There’s no way to truly protect against an attack.

Let me put this as plainly as possible…


If we pull out today, it will begin today. If we pull out in 10 years, it will begin in 10 years.

When one of these happens, you mean.

I fear this is just the beginning.


Worldie, I know you’re a young guy…and you look like a pretty cool guy, too. And I’ve seen posts of yours in other threads where you were quick to offer words of support and encouragement to someone who was going through a bad time. In other words, I think you’re a good guy. But man, you have got to ratchet down your passion about these things or you’re not going to make it to be an old man. The disgust, anger, contempt, negativity and pessimism you seem to go through life with in regard to politics and world events are gonna do you in one day.

Yes, these are serious issues. And they need to be taken seriously. But I think you invest way too much of yourself in them to no particular good end. Think of the problems of the world the same way you do a problem with your car or your computer. Acknowledge that they exist and see if you can fix them (or at least try to) but don’t invest so much of yourself emotionally in them. The world is far bigger than you and if you pour all of yourself into it, it will swallow you up and never know you were there.

<End of sermon>

Regards. :slight_smile:

I dunno. . .I’ve been thinking about retiring to a little pied a terre that I’ve had my eye on for a while. But then I think, “What about those who need your superpowers? Who will protect them?” So, I’ll prolly take a few months off, spend some time fixing up my fortress of solitude (certain things about it just scream '70’s), maybe treat myself and do something I’ve always wanted to, like run a marathon, or at least a 10K, feed my livestock, rollerblade, indulge my love of run-on sentences. . .

Then, I’ll prolly hafta let my utility belt out a notch or two and ‘mence to beatin’ the crap outta evildoers.

Or maybe I’ll just pile it in and go on an intercontinental drunk. Haven’t really decided yet.


No, I don’t.

No, it isn’t.

I didn’t inject my politics into the question because I wanted honest answers, not political grandstanding by whatever party did not agree with me. I did not post in Great Debates because I expected to add a little more colorful language than I did.

People think the stakes are so much higher all the time. What president ran on the promise of getting us out of Vietnam?

Regardless of my views, if I don’t agree with you on this matter now, does that mean that we’re going to always be in opposition? This is the “vibe” I get- that the whole situation is getting desperate for one candidate or another, that “something big” may be sone to influence the election, and that the election results will divide the nation irreparably. Or more likely, resentments will be kept and vendettas planned, and trust will further erode between people who have to live and work together.

If Kerry wins the election, it will not cause the end of the world.

If Bush wins the election, it will not cause the end of the world.

If Nader wins the election, monkeys will fly out of my ass. (It’s the pit, after all.)

What do we do with this lump of shit we’ve been handed? It’s tempting to wash our hands and go away, but the sad reality is that no matter who led us, we went in and took out a foreign government. We’re stuck with the impossible task of getting our boys home intact AND preventing Iraq from descending into all-out chaos. Add to that the fact that a significant number of locals don’t want us there to begin with, and the rest of the world thinks we are in error- the only ones standing with us are “friends” who keep saying “Dude, should we be doing this?”, and now we’re forced to pick our leader based on this whole issue rather than who would be best to lead us to prosperity.

I think we’re fucked regardless of who wins.

Sheesh, I’m agreeing totally with Starving Artist. Is this the world The Mad Hermit wished for in the OP? :eek:

Yeah, dude, I dumped the excess passion years ago and am now a morbidly obese 50 year old with NORMAL blood pressure. Think how healthy YOU could be.

If Bush wins in November (thanks, no doubt, by Karl Rove’s grab-bag of dirty tricks and schemes), I can at least take comfort in saying “I told you so” to all the Bush supporters when things go from Bad to Worse in the next four years.

Not sure how this answers my question. I wasn’t asking about your politics or why you chose this forum.

Actually, the stakes were high then, too. Even higher, I would say. I don’t think all the Vietnam protests were “partisan politics as usual” either. There were very real issues at stake then, as well as now. I don’t think the stakes are always that high, though. Do you think all the debate about Vietnam in the 60’s was just partisan bitching, “character assassination”, and “dirty tricks”? I think you are trivializing some really important stuff.

I dunno - sounds a little overly dramatic to me. I’d be more worried about what’s going to happen to the reputation of the USA in the eyes of the world, and how many more damn fool wars he’s gonna start if Bush gets a second term than I’d be worried about neighbor being pitted against neighbor.

Well, first off I appreciate the kind words via sermon, it’s always nice when people can put aside our differences for a few minutes. Living here in NYC, we have about the biggest target on us in all the world. Chances are the next nasty thing coming down the pike wll happen here as well. Most of the mistakes these morons in office make, will be paid for with the blood of NYers of DCers. My office is 3 blocks from ground zero, with a clear view of the towers right outside the window. Unfortunately I had front row seats that fateful morning, watching people jump and die. What’s even worse then witnessing that, is seeing what has happened to our country in response. Our administration has totally and throughly dropped the ball on how to handle the future. Long tirades aside, I feel now is the time to be passonate. Now is the time to be angry. Now is the time for disgust at the administration. Now is the time…so on and so forth.

I may not live long with all this rage, but considering where this country is headed, sticking around may not be such a good thing.


I’ve been thinking some tai chi would be good for my life. That or some chai tea. :smiley:

[sub]I forget where I just heard that[/sub]

World Eater, thank you for the explanation. I can much better understand your passion given your proximity to the World Trade Center and the fact you had to witness the horrible events that took place that day. I don’t even like to watch them on television. I’m sure what you witnessed that day changed you for life.

And while you may feel so pessimistic about the future that you feel life may not be worth sticking around for, I can tell you that you will not always feel that way. Sticking around is indeed a good thing, and what you’ll find as you progress through life is that things that are of Earth-shattering importance to you now will be but dim memories 20 years from now (I’m speaking of Bush, et. al.; not the WTC and/or 9/11), and that things you can’t imagine from your current viewpoint in this day and age will be of utmost importance to you then. (A somewhat simplistic analogy can be drawn by thinking of the things that were important to you when you were eight years old. At that time your concerns, likes and dislikes were very important to you. Now they likely seem long ago and not very important.)

People continue to mature all through life and you will likely find when you’re 40 or 50 that you have an entirely different set of concerns and philosophy of life than you have now. And while 40 or 50 seems a long way off, you can trust me when I say it will be on you before you know it. And when it is, you will be living in that reality and not the one you’re in now. And if your health is bad it will be just as awful and have just as bad an impact on your day-to-day life as if your health were bad now.

Regards, and thanks again for the explanation. I wish you the very best in life. Given what you’ve had to experience you most certainly deserve it. :slight_smile:

These past four years have certainly been a roller coaster ride. I was actually pulling for Bush in the election, and through the whole Florida debacle. Of course my opinion has changed a little since then. :stuck_out_tongue:

I separate my life, and the future of the country. One is going great, and the other isn’t. If I gave the impression of being down it was not my intent. I was rhetorically saying there’s no point of growing old in a shitty world.

I understand the gist of what you’re saying, and I agree with it. I must say however, that I find current events will have a huge impact on the future of this country. These aren’t feelings that pass, things that I found important, but then moved on from. This is history, the decisions being made today will most certainly affect me (and you) 20 years from now. So I think we have sort of an apples and oranges thing here.

Well I’m 31 so 40 isn’t that far away. I’ve realized the past few years how important it is to “maintain the shrine”, so I’m taking my vitamins. :smiley:

Thanks, the same to you. (fill in the horrific experience of your choice)

I think there are people who think that, yes. I’m of the opinion that these people are wrong.

These are the same folks, by and large, who thought Ronald Reagan was both a dunce and a dangerous madman. They describe Bush in exactly these same terms as well.

Reagan, of course, was nothing like this caricature, and neither is Bush.