To the assbag whom I almost ejected by his testicles

So I’m sitting in the waiting room of KLINIC, a medical facility that specializes in – and is this city’s only such place – sexual abuse and rape. I’m accompanying a dear, dear friend of mine whom I love dearly. Get the picture?

My friend is with her doctor, I’m waiting in the waiting room. There is a computer with public access to the Internet their for our use. Some skeezy looking guy (the kind females avoid going near because they’re afraid he’ll hit on them) sits down at the computer and starts chortling. I naturally think he’s looking at porn and was stunned at the thought of him doing that at a Rape Crisis Centre. Turns out, I shouldn’t assume the worst of human nature all the time. I get up and look over his shoulder, he’s just totally amused by the process to get a yahoo account.

I sit down and he moves to the side a bit, unknowingly letting me see what he’s doing. Not that he was trying to hide the screen. Next thing he does is go to a website that doesn’t look like porn because it’s all text hyperlinks.

He clicks on something and a short video of a footjob on a penis comes up. I couldn’t believe it. I look around the waiting room, which is quite full with people who may be victims of sexual assault. I look back at the screen and see a woman bent over a chair getting fisted in the ass.

I couldn’t believe it. I got up, put a hand on his shoulder, and said, “Dude, maybe this isn’t the best place to look at porn.” He babbled something like, “Don’t worry, I’m just blah blah blah.” Then I squeezed his shoulder and sat down. At this point he turned around to look at who had warned him as he realized I didn’t work there. Then he glared at me for a handful of seconds before some girl came out of the offices and said they could leave.

If she didn’t take him away, I’m pretty sure he would’ve kept surfing. At which point I’d have lost my temper. My friend comes to this place to feel safe and I’d have no problem breaking this jerk’s ass to avoid her feeling violated.

Maybe you should offer to demonstrate some of those fisting techniques on him?

But seriously - yeech.

Holy shit. Holy shit!

It may be worth notifying the center’s administration of what happened. They may want to ban this guy from the center, and they may want to ask some questions of the woman he came in with to make sure he’s not beinga problem for her.

Even if you aren’t exactly able to track down the time you were there, they should be able to go through the Internet cache, figure out when those files were downloaded, and match him up to the woman he came in with.

That’s beyond despicable.


J. Christ, what some fucktards won’t do to bust a nut…

Good for you for talking to this guy. Here’s hoping someday he’ll grow a shadow of a clue.

And good for you for giving your friend such moral support.

When I first read this I was really horrified. Yet, as I think about it, it passes from the horribly insensitive and moronically clueless to the sublime.

You know the old saying about how a thousand monkeys with a thousand typewriters would eventually re-produce Shakespeare? This is the same kind of thing. Here, one monkey, totally unintentionally, produced some pretty decent performance art. It’s just a shame he left before the “audience interaction” part of the piece really got going.

Anal Scurvy, I want to thank you for taking the initiative to invite the assbag to stop watching his sicko porn. I can’t tell you how many times I hear people in similar[sup]*[/sup] situations say they “don’t want to get involved”.

However, based on the fetish sites he was looking at, I wouldn’t consider ejecting him by his testicles. Perhaps that was what he was hoping for?

[sup]*[/sup]similar as in a stranger being proactive. Not similar as in sickos watching porn at a rape crisis center.

Thank you for being a real man…

There is a computer in the waiting room with internet access?