To the bastard who robbed me last night

All right, so how smart was that? You robbed an apartment early in the evening, with lots of people around who could easily have seen you, not knowing how many people are in the apartment, in a neighborhood that is 95% (or more) students, who are not known for having large quantities of cash sitting around.

But you did, so let’s see what you got:
[li] Less than $20 in small bills.[/li][li] My old school ID.[/li][li] My fucking sense of security.[/li][/list=1]
So on (1), I guess that’ll get you some beer or something. Way to go. Well worth a possible aggravated robbery charge, I’m sure.

As for (2), I seriously doubt you’ll be in Pittsburgh any time soon to take advantage of the public transit system, and in any case a black mid-20’s-ish male looks precious little like a red-haired pasty-white early-20’s-ish male (or 18-ish, I guess, since the picture is old).

Now for (3). You know, I’ve always been pretty safety-concious. Not to say that I’m not willing to walk around in the middle of the night, but I stick to neighborhoods I know, I walk fast, I always pay attention to what’s going on around me, and I vary my routes like crazy (to stave off boredom, mostly). I was aware of the possibilities of street crime, but I was pretty confident that I could avoid getting in that situation. But I admit I never thought that someone would be sticking a gun in my neck in my own fucking apartment, least of all in the middle of fucking nowhere Illinois. And I have no idea why you picked me. I guess it was just the first apartment on the floor in a building with an unsecured front entrance. Certainly you don’t know me, and I know you haven’t been following me (you could’ve seen me go in the building but no way you’ve seen me walk into that room). I’m sure I was just a quick way to get your drug or alcohol or whatever fix for the evening, and I know it’s exceedingly unlikely that you’ll ever be back, but you know, that really doesn’t make me feel any better.

You know, it really didn’t hit me until several hours later that that was the first time that someone has seriously threatened my life. Never mind that I’m 98% sure that gun was fake; someone was directly, knowingly, and intentionally threatening my right to live. But I wasn’t even thinking about myself that much; I’d say that the bulk of those three or so minutes that I wasn’t doing exactly what you were saying I was thinking about my fiance, what her reaction would be if she found out that I had been hurt or killed.

You fucking bastard.

I hope you called the police and gave them details, including a description of the attacker.

My sympathies, man. While I’ve never had my residence invaded and robbed, my car was broken into and the stereo ripped off last November. The smashed window on the driver’s side was the perfect physical reflection for how I felt when I saw what had happened.

Thieves are slime.

My home was broken into in early May, so I know what you mean about losing your sense of security. Likewise, the thieves stole relatively little from me (some CDs and $40), but what kept me up all night for a week was knowledge that a complete stranger had gone through my home and belongings, and the fear that they might come back for a second helping.

I’m glad you didn’t lose much, and I’m glad you got out of it unharmed. May something extremely unpleasant befall the scum who robbed you.

Robbers like this don’t pick their victims, they see their opportunities. They don’t have you figured out or your neighborhood or how much dough students have. Robbers aren’t very smart. They don’t don’t plan second story jewel heists where they cut alarm wires, except in spy movies. They snatch and run, smash and grab, pry and take the first thing they see. It’s not about you. You aren’t being profiled.

When my place was broken into all that was taken was my VCR. TV was too big probably for one person. If they had gone into my little little library room they would have seen the camera and binoculars, but jerks like that don’t go near books. Both my family and the cops told me not to get another VCR for over a week, as the burglar might come back for a new one. Sure enough, six days later “it” came back, and finding nothing to take, got into my refrigerator and cooked my bacon and eggs. Left grease all over the floor, stove, and in the sink. And they weren’t satisfied with my Corelle plates, they used the one nice china plate I have. AudreyK and Atreyu, you are both right, theives are scum and slime. And Philbuck? I’ll second you. Fucking bastard!!!

Dude, that really sucks. If you find $1200 laying in the street, buy a Desert Eagle. A (must be) 4 pound pistol that shoots .50 caliber rounds. That is at least 12mm there. It’ll blow a barn door in any would-be attacker’s chest.


The AK47, the very best there is! When you absolutely, positively hafta kill every last motherfucker in the room, accept no substitutes!

Philbuck, how do you know this guy is black?


Perhaps it’s due to Philbuck’s statement in the OP:

You all will have to take my word for it, but I knew someone was going to ask this before this thread died, despite the fact that the OP specifically says he was robbed, not burglarized, and mentions that the robber held a gun to the OP’s neck.

To be honest, it was the first question that came to my mind until I read the whole way through the OP.

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