To the Blonde in the Yellow Dodge...

on the East-bound 520 bridge.

I saw you take a pull off that Heineken bottle as we were waiting for traffic to creep forward. Forget any accidents you might cause in your potentially inebriated state, I nearly crashed my car in shock!

Who drinks beer while they’re driving a car? In broad daylight, no less. She wasn’t even trying to hide it.


That is awful. Who drinks Heineken anymore?

I dunno, I think open container laws are silly. You can stop your car, get out, drink a couple beers, get back in, and drive. Assuming you’re under the limit and otherwise not seriously impaired, this is legal. But drink one beer over an hour on a road trip, and it’s illegal.

Doesn’t make sense to me.

I guess you aren’t thinking of the children!

Was she hot??

Mmm…hot and drunk. Just how I like my blondes.

Did you clutch your pearls? Did you have to find a fainting couch? Did you have an attack of the vapors? Were you afraid for the very fabric of civilization? Do tell!

Wow. Maybe you need supplemental driving lessons so you can learn how to control your vehicle better.

Yes! Yes! Finally someone who understands! :smiley:

It’s not legal in Washington. .08 is the limit for driving while intoxicated, blow .001 to .079, you get a ticket for driving while impaired, the fines are the same you just don’t lose your license.

At least she wasn’t on a cellphone.

Sigh You’re making me miss the good old days when it was legal… and I’m only going back to the 80’s in Texas. There was nothing better on a really hot day than stopping at the gas station and grabbing a cold beer for the ride home from work.

The silliest open container law is the “5 beers in a 6 pack container, even in the trunk” crap they pull in Kansas.

The OP’er should take a gander at the margarita stands of Louisiana… with drive-thru windows, no less! Although the “Sportsman’s Paradise” state has reformed somewhat; it’s no longer legal for the driver to imbibe behind the wheel. His passengers, though, are still welcome to do so.

I was just going to ask if this sort of thing is true! I heard tell there is/was a drive-through daquiri stand in New Orleans. Which being itself is half-way expected, but I didn’t know it happened elsewhere.

Those are the greatest. I enjoy the White Russians. Comes in a non-incriminating container also. (Cheap Soda Cup)
Of course, I would drive while drinking but great as a passenger.
In NJ they would nail the driver for open container int he car.

“A” drive-through daquiri stand in New Orleans? Yes, one on every block or so. I kid you not. Having just moved away from there, one of our favorite entertainments for out-of-town visitors was to take them by one of the many, MANY drive-through daquiri shops to see with their own eyes that such a thing exists and, indeed, flourishes.

Of course, they don’t sell you drinks to imbibe on the way home. Oh, no, they put a little paper cap over the straw so you won’t drink it till you’re off the road!

:smack: I’m pretty sure it was daquiris, not margaritas.

Although I’m more into rum-runners and Tom Collinses for beating the summer heat, anyway… :smiley:

That would be me.

But only off-road.

Who? Me. Everyday, on the way home; Nice cold Bud, top down on the convertible. It was legal here 'till the Mothers-Against-Having-Fun got it outlawed.

We have drive-thru liquor stores 'round here. Big barn, open at both ends. Attendants behind display cases select what you point to, and bag it up at the end. That’s how I used to get my one (1) beer for the trip home.

To the OP: Get a grip. A beer doesn’t equal drunk driving.