To the Proprieters of the new renfair S. of Houston

You motherfuckers, how DARE you misrepresent yourselves in this way. How DARE you lie to the newspaper when they interviewed you for the recent article.

500 vendors my ass, roaming performers, my SHINY ass, Shakespearean players my SHINY WHITE DISSAPOINTED, EMBARRASSED, PISSED OFF ASS!!!

After driving around an hour and a half LOOKING for the site, we found it. It consisted of 5 tents in a cow pasture.

I got my whole family, five adults and four kids, up at trhe ass crack of dawn to go to a CRAFT SHOW IN A HAYFIELD!!!

I even made a costume especially for my sis-in-law for this.

I am soooo pissed off and dissappointed.

To anyone who read my recent thread about this new faire, I humbly and meekly beg for pardon. Do NOT waste your money going to this.

I’d bitch more, but I have dissapointed kids to cheer up.

You bastards.

The old Texas Renaissance fair north of Houston was cool; it was the first Renfair I ever attended (back in 1982 or thereabouts).

I hope you have taken your grievance to the local media, newspapers etc. instead of venting to a group 99.99% of which live nowhere near Houston and are unlikely to either attend or avoid this abomination.

Oh, man. And I was just wondering when we were going to try and organize a HouDope meeting there.

At least Ren Faire is coming up soon. Only eight more months to go!

I appreciate the heads up.

i hadn’t heard about this. can i get a link to the old thread so i can see what they were claiming to be?

Thanks for the responses - I just really needed to vent. I didn’t want to be screaming, cursing mad when I did start writing letters.

The link to my thread about the faire can be found here and the website for the faire can be found here.

The reference to ‘500 vendors’ etc. comes from an article in the Brazosport Facts(03/09/01). I cannot seem to find a link to the article online.

I have now written both the paper and a local television station (KPRC) and I intend to write the faire folks themselves shortly.

While its really not too suprising that the faire’s website was misleading, I was suprised that the newspaper article also was. I am very dissapointed that the newspaper apparently made no effort to verify the ‘facts’.

Most of all, I am sorry that I told everryone here and at home about this farce. I am more pissed off that I have dissapointed both my online family and RL family by making plans and promoting the ‘great time’ we would have going to this.

Thanks for letting me rage over this freely here.