New Ren Faire south of Houston

I just wanted to post a ‘heads up’ to the Houston Area Rengeeks about a new renfaire.

The website for the faire is here. Now, this is the first year for this faire, so if you go and it really sucks - don’t blame me. But if it turns out to be a blast, don’t forget your humble Bunnymama turned you on to it :wink: .

The faire will run from March 10 - April 1, gates open at 9:00 am. And as an added incentive, they are offering discounted tickets to anyone who comes in garb (where the Tex Ren Fest does not).

Its located 15 miles south of Houston on 288.

Well, I gotta go iron the kilts :).


I’ll have to see if the LIONsob is interested in going. I bet he will be. Thanks for letting us know ** three bunny mama ** !

Hey! Shanin and I were talking about going to this, too! We should all figure out one date, and go be Ren geeks together! :slight_smile:

Mrs. robgruver and I will be attending most likely. :slight_smile: Gives me yet another reason to wear my kilt!

For those interested, the Bunny Clan will be going on Saturday the 10th.

It would be fun to get some Dopers to go. The Bunny Clan has decided that if the faire is not fun, we will make it fun, lol.