MAD: Anyone going to the Maryland Ren Faire?

I’ve only been once, a couple of years ago, but my daughter and I had a fantastic time; we’re planning on getting back this year. Just wondering if anyone else here makes the “annual pilgrimage” or even if anyone here participates in the Ren Faires? It looks like such great fun, although I realize it really is hard work, but you get to dress up and act like you lived in another time! It was fun to see all the costumes that faire goers wear too.

I don’t know which weekend we’ll be going–last time, we waited until the last weekend, which turned out to be pretty good; it was mid-October so not hot and humid; in fact, the weather was just perfect. And it was jousting weekend.

I really want to go–haven’t been in 5 years.

I make a point to go twice a year. Normally once with just my gf and then another time with friends/coworkers. I’m not sure what weekends I’ll be going this year, I usually wait a bit and hope the weather cools down.

I guess I better get out my schedule (I work alternate weekends), and start making plans with the gf, etc. Will we try for a Doper Day? It just so happens that the coworker I usually go with is also a Doper (The Green Feather), so I could kill two birds with one stone.

I’ve never been, but I have a good friend who works there occasionally in costume. I’ll have to check with him and see if he’s doing it again this year. I’ll only be in Baltimore one weekend this October. We shall see.

me and the BF have been talking about going this year. he wants to put me in a kilt. be cool to meet you all, seeing as I just started out on here recently. keep me informed. would love to go!

I go every couple of years if someone I know wants to go.

I will be there - I work with one of the crafters at MDRF.
Please feel free come by and say hello.

Yeah, we always go at least once. We should plan something.

Who’s up for it?

I was looking at the weekend of Sept 20. Yarrrr! Nothin’ beats a pirate day and the Ren Fest! The jousting weekend is usually pretty cool too.

Hmm. We’re scheduled to go to the Pennsylvania Ren Fest that weekend.

I’m going with friends on October 4.

I went with some friends to the pirate weekend at MD Renn Fest last year. I’d be willing to go again, and meet the MAD folk. I like the MD Fest better than the PA Fest, the plot is more solid, and the jousting is more real.

We’ve been to the MD one every year for the past seven. We don’t dress up though, we just eat too much food and drink a lot. It’s a lot of fun, but I wish they would get some different shows and vendors. They are the same every year and I feel like I’ve already seen everything.

I’m definitely up for meeting up with other Dopers there, considering that I’ve never yet met any of the rest of ye! I’ll have to talk to the friend I would be going with; she’s on vacation this week. We’d talked about going two different weekends this year, though. Pirate weekend sounds good to me, and I really liked the jousting weekend too. It’s a big site, but nicely wooded; however, I don’t want to go if it’s really hot and humid!

FitzSquick, what vendor are ye with?! I’d love to stop and say hello, but need to know where to stop at. :smiley:

I’d definitely be interested. Might even be able to talk the wife into going, too.

there’s a whole crew of friends & family who go with us every year. In costume. We’re planning on hitting it Oct 4 too.

In reply to tarragon918 -

Oops! Slight brain fart on my part -

I am with Holy Cow Leathersmithe [ Down at the end of the boardwalk, near the Castle Climb. ] -
I would really enjoy getting a chance to meet some of the
SDMB crowd.

A comfort note to those folks who are planning to come in garb -
During the course of the Faire [ 9 weekends ] , temps can vary quite a bit.
When the Faire first opens, temps are normally in the mid to high 80’s and 90’s.
During the latter half of the Faire, temps can range from the high 70’s to the mid/low 40’s -
For comfort’s sake you may want to layer clothing so that you can adjust to the conditions.

[ Old MDRF proverb - " The season starts in cotton and linen; it finishes in wool and leather." ]

On a less cheerful note, the Faire management has banned the carrying of ALL weapons, costume or otherwise, period.
This was due to the actions last year of one incredibly stupid individual and the fact that there are entirely too many lawyers out there looking to make a quick buck at someone else’s expense.

Once again - Have a wonderful time and please stop by to say hello -

I worked there about 10 years ago - I haven’t been back in a while, and don’t think I’ll get to it this year (it’s kind of far away), but I always thought it was a great place to visit.

In all my years, I’ve never gone to it.

I’ll be a virgin, please be gentle!

so, looks like the majority are opting for Oct. 4? have to see what the work hell is like. seeing as how it is almost 630 am, and I still got a hoalf hour of sitting here bofoer I get to go home, but if I get the new job I applied for… :slight_smile: so wish me luck, and I will try to make it any weekend that I can sneak away from here and Rugby. and will stop by and see if I can find ye FITZ.