To the Republican Administration

You should be the party of the Holy Tank, which would be revered alongside the uzi, the landmine and nuclear missile. Were you specifically trying to convert people against your party?

I was a Republican voter, voting whole ticket for republicans in 1996 and 2000. In Senior Studies history I wrote a lengthy essay against affirmative action, and spent twice as much time as anyone else in the class finding sources and materials. I don’t think you could have found many people more commited to being a Republican as I was when I graduated in 1997. Even once I was an objectivist, I still agreed with you on most issues, I still had burning passions that shared ninety percent with your issues. I still cried out for a return to the gilded age.

In 2000, on the election night, I stayed up hoping that you would win, mister W, I even feared Al Gore, and believed the internet story. But W and especially his Goons have finally managed to recruit me to the Democrats and Greens. I agree, I was slow in figuring it out, but finally it all came together.

2004, this is when you will find out what has happened. Now how could you possible screw up enough to take me, and turn me into an ardent Dean supporter? And how many other people like me are out there? How many people have finally said, “Thats enough!” No more suspending belief about all of it.

But then, I know this was a test, W was your experimental model for how far things could be stretched. You wanted to know if your loyal supporters could be turned into star wars style stormtroopers, loyal and brainless.

I know you’re planning on raising your Zombie armies, but just be careful with Lincoln, I think he’s more than a little pissed at you. I don’t think you are really worthy to call yourselves Republicans.