How many members are there in the SDSAB(straight dope science advisory board)?

Who are you guys?

What are your specialties?

Were you handpicked by Cecil or did you sign up?

I didn’t post this in ATMB for fear of lack of response. IMHO seems to be a good second choice as this is somewhat pollish. But feel free to whisk this away to where it belongs.

I’ve done guest stuff, so I’m not a full-fledged member of the SDSAB.

I volunteered to answer questions in my field, which is broadcasting and journalism. So far, I’ve answered two, one of which has been posted, and one which is in the pipeline. I have to say that it’s been quite the education for me, since I got to delve into subjects that I knew nothing about, but which I can now insert into conversations at relevant times. And, yes, there have been relevant times.


How does one voulenteer? As far as I’m aware, questions put to the SDSAB aren’t broadcast publically, do you just email them and say you have expertise in areas X, Y and Z?

Contact Ck Dexter Haven I believe.


We did this one, to some extent, last year.

There have been additions made to the SDSAB since a year ago.

Thanks samclem