To Tories Friends

If the real torie reads this, honey, hit the “log out” link at the top of the screen when you’re done using your illiterate friend’s computer.

What’s really funny is this person thought they could score major damage points on torie by slamming her in a message board she posts on, after the 6 page Pit thread she was involved in - and where she handled herself very well, IMO.

Given the reasonably intellegent style of torie’s writing vs. the trailer park ramblings of the undefined poster, I bet mr/ms undefined is just expressing possible years of pent up anger because torie decided to get in line when they were handing out brains.

You mean to tell us half the time she’s she’s one woman telling her side of a story?
What is she the other half of the time? :confused:

Yep. I’ve banned torie’s account until she can get ahold of me or another admin and clear things up. I’m also gonna close this thread.

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