To Tories Friends

undefined To all of tories friends here at mpsims this is not torie but we will call me THE TRUTH GIVER. I recentely read all of tories post and was extremely unpleased expecially since i am socially involved with torie. She gets on here and tells personal business of other people not expecting them to read the stuff she writes because if they did wow she would not have any friends left. Half of her stories are very one sides and come from a feminist point of veiw. She has anger problems and she treats her friends like crap by talking behind there back and making them sound like the one with problems, when in fact it is she with the issues. Some being that she doesn’t take any responsiblity, she won’t go to college, and if u dont’ agree with her feminest and other twisted ideas u are the one who is crazy when in fact torie does not think like a normal happy with life human being. I unlike torie will not spill her personal drama on the internet, but i will say that when it is she that post u are getting a twisted and one sided veiw that is 99% of the time incorrect.

Thank u

Just clearing up some things torie keep writing your junk because it will no longer effect me seeing as how i am done with it. :smiley:

I do know she’s a doper and your not… :wally

U don’t know me i am just letting people know the truth :slight_smile:

Why are you typing in the third person?

Unless this is another one of those “someone used my computer and posted lies about me under my username” things, in which case…

:rolleyes: There just are not enough of those smilies for you. Or any of “you”. Or whatever.

u do know very little about torie she couldn’t buy her own computer if she wanted i am just one of the meany people she ran her mouth off about with out any permission and i was setting the record straite that her tails are twisted that is all. But that is funny torie have her own computer she can’t even buy gas at the moment.

This ain’t torie. Her grammar and spelling couldn’t be this bad if she was drunk, stoned and dizzy. I’ve known 12 year olds who could write better. You can’t fake this level of stupidity.

Straight not straite.

Excuse the grammer if it is that big of a problem that u are to stupid to understand the point i was trying to get accross it is 2 in the morning and i do not have my glasses on so i was not worried about spelling i was more worried about people beleiving tories tales wich are lies and twisted.

Obviously, you are an idiot. Feminism is a “twisted idea”? I wish I could say what I really thought about you. I’ll save it for the Pit, you ugly little maroon.

i m on eof silverifre’s fiends and u no this… i can fake stupidily all i want and than what r u gonna to do to stop me huh???

Alternatively, I could just bang my head on the keyboard and see what happens.

Either way “torie”, I never said anything about “torie” having “her” own computer.

Reading comprehension. You should check it out.

say what u freaking think do u really think i care what pathetic people on the internet say the only reason i posted what to piss torie off. I don’t give a shit with people with no lives think and i will say what i think of u right now u should listen to someone who has know the girl for a very long time instead of correcting my grammer or trying to understand what i mean by twisted. If u don’t know what i mean it was not about what u said but about her moral life dumb ass. U one to be a little follower that is fine by me i don’t give a shit just think twice before u agree because u are only getting one side to the storie.

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Ha! You used an apostrophe correctly! Gotcha ya! :smiley:

Promises, promises…

A ‘Truth Giver’ logging in on someone else’s member account, which may not even be legal (is it?).



So, you “spill her personal drama on the internet,” and then say it is something you will not do. Funny :smiley: I like.

:frowning: Really?

Q.E.D., you’re a son of a bitch. :wink:

Silver Fire is the apostrophe queen. Trust me on this.

Lots of snips there. How sad that she sought out a permanent record of her public venting. How nice that you (not Torie) decided to come speak on her behalf. I’m sure she appreciates your lack of respect for conventional forms of English. U are sertanly eth bestest speeker 4 her. I find it odd that the effort to legitimaize her actions, makes her motives seem so disingenuous.

U rawk undefined! Way 2 go, UR my her0. Post agn so I can ROTFL!! Seeing as how you’re done with it though, you might not read this.:(:frowning:

Maybe the real Torie can come back and excuse your actions. Maybe.

well you did come here for a reason, right?

Wouldn’t that have been easier to do in person?

Wait, so why did you waste time posting here in the first place?

So torie was still logged into the Dope boards when she got kicked out of her apartment? How interesting…not.

Security breaches are frowned upon around here.

Yes. Yes, I am. :smiley: