Toasted Bread Crumbs

Ok, all you bakers/chefs out there I need you. I know this may sound like the dumbest question in all humanity, but I need resolution. My question is this:
How are Toasted Bread Crumbs made? Are the ToastedBread Crumbs, by which I mean is the bread toasted then made into crumbs OR
are they Toasted BreadCrumbs, by which I mean is bread made into crumbs then toasted as such?

Please answer my query, and some explanation of why this is done a certain way would be helpful, if that is possible. This question came to me last week and I can find no resolution. Thanks!

Definitely a question for our forum “Cafe Society” where the cooks live.

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I’ve actually seen it done both ways. I can’t speak for the quality in the difference, but one would use a toaster and the other an oven (or toaster oven).

Usually, the bread is crumbled, mixed with seasonings if called for, then toasted (low oven for as long as it takes to dry 'em out well.) I’ve done it the other way 'round though, when I’ve had leftover garlic bread which is already toasted - I just toast it a bit more 'til it’s thoroughly dry and then toss it in the food processor.