Toaster for the true nerd . . .

And no, it’s not Star Wars related:

I don’t know why exactly, only that this is right up there with the Harry Potter wand universal TV remote on the list of frivolous things I wish I could buy with impunity. . .

Mindless, Pointless, but also food-related. Do with it what you will. :wink:

I have now spent 15 minutes exploring, which I found from the “check out the Glide toaster” link on the page you linked to. I want half of the things from the “ceramics for breakfast” competition, and I am likely to waste days looking at all the neat stuff in other competitions.

Not sure whether to thank you or curse you for that!

Then I strongly recommend against clicking any of the tabs in the furniture for small spaces site! LOL!

If your boss catches you, I’m willing to take the blame. :wink:

I don’t think I’d like the toast that comes out. The top will be cold by the time the bottom is fnished, unless it toasts really fast, in which case it will be too fast for the inside to be warm.

Gimmick, not an improvement.

I want a set of these plates.

So smart!

I agree that the toaster’s more an art piece than a functional one - what if you want thick slices, or a bagel?

It also looks like it takes up about as much space as a normal toaster, and would require very precise tolerances on the bread. It certainly wouldn’t work with anything thick-sliced, and I’m not sure it would work right for something like a Pop-Tart or an Eggo, either.

Except for my microwave and fridge, I have a kitchen now that is pretty much manual, or non-electric. I’ve re-discovered pre-buttered bread toasted either in a pan or in the oven. I’m not going back!

But that stuff is pretty neat-o to look at.

Does that toaster have Artificial Intelligence, does it engage it’s user in witty morning banter, does it cost ₤19.99 plus tax, has the patent been applied for?

is it obsessed with serving toast?

no, then it’s not a nerdy toaster, cool, yes, but not nerdy…

My toaster can beat up your toaster.

The good news is I am the boss. I just want to thank you for steering me to that site. My son 's tiny room needs updating.

Looks like a flimsy personal version of the commercial toaster used at the restaurant I worked at as a teenager; a belt-driven thing that physically dragged upright slices of bread across the browning plates, then dropped the toast out of the other side into a holding basket. Kind of like the difference between a home paper shredder and one of the commercial units.

My toaster can kick all of those toasters’ butts.

Don’t miss the study lofts at

I was all set to go with that when I saw this:

Sigh. Where was all this great stuff when I was a kid?

I’d like to point out to everyone the jar of Frank Cooper’s OXFORD Marmalade in the background. Truly the greatest marmalade ever created.

I still want one of these mind you.

Hee. What a great way to start the day… Hello Kitty toast and marmalade.

You’ll want this toaster then.

See it in action:

Wait. A toaster that DOESN’T play NES games?

What does it do, then?

Really. At the very least it should have a built-in web server so that you can issue commands to it remotely. And what about an ammo clip for additional slices of toast? Are you telling me I have to do that shit MANUALLY? GTFO!

Somebody somewhere is going to try and stick their penis in that thing.

Best post/name combo evah!