Today at Best Buy I saw some parents buying Fallout 3 instead of New Vegas and I said nothing

Some kid’s Christmas is ruined

Now where were we? Oh yeah: the important thing was I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time. They didn’t have white onions because of the war. The only thing you could get was those big yellow ones…

You’ll burn in a nuclear hell for that.

Why didn’t you?

My wife went to get Black Ops for our kid at Target the other day. She got a dressing down by the salesdrone for buying such a violent game for a teenager. The salesdrone appeared to be a teenager himself. Weird huh?

Maybe his parents only let him play Hello Kitty’s Island Adventure and he’s bitter about it.

Uhhhh huh.

Unless you (or your friend) happed to see a Christmas list in one of their hands that had “Fallout: New Vegas” written on it, you’re pretty much posting about a situation to which you know fuck-all, aren’t you?

Besides…if it’s a Christmas gift at all and not a game dad has been wanting to pick up now that it’s on the bargain rack, and if the hypothetical kid has already played Fallout 3 (hint: not everyone gloms on to the newest shiny the second it comes out), then I don’t think the prospect of waiting 10 minutes on the exchange line is going to ruin the kids Christmas.

How do you know the giftee wanted New Vegas and not Original Recipe?

You certainly don’t want to buy the kid the wrong game. What if all he’s been asking for for months for his birthday was, I dunno, NFL '95 and you try to be a good mother but instead you pick up NBA '95 and he ends up posting about it on the internet in 2010 in a thread about Fallout, still bitter about it? That would be bad.

Or what if all you want for Christmas is an Evel Knievel Super Stunt Motorcycle toy that does cool jumps and crashes and you ask for it for months and months and then Christmas comes and you’re so excited and you tear through all your presents and then YOUR BROTHER GETS IT! :mad: I’m sure that’s not the kind of thing that would still bother you 35 years later.

Am I wrong for buying my nephew Epic Mickey?

Yes, you need to buy it for me.

My friend saw some dude buying a Blu-Ray version of 2 Fast 2 Furious.

He should have stopped them and pointed them to Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome on Laserdisc.

At least it wasn’t Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge.

Maybe they couldn’t afford the $60 for New Vegas so instead they threw down the $20 for Fallout 3.

Ya, that game is all sweetness and light until the final level, where zombies storm in and tear Hello Kitty’s arms and legs off.

Mundane, yes; pointless, yes; but since it’s about games I’m moving it to the Game Room.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

That’s what I was thinking. They’re both excellent games, but it’s still entirely possible someone hasn’t played Fallout 3 and knows it’s a cheap game for someone to get them.

Possibly. It may very well suck.

He can’t get Fallout New Vegas for Christmas. He’d shoot his eye out.

Meh - I often wait years before getting a game. I bought Fallout 3 about a year ago, and I’m almost finished it now. By the time I bought it, I could get all the expansion packs in one box, and the game was almost bugless.

Mind you, I can do this because I’m completely isolated from spoilers (no one I know plays video games and they’re not featured in anything I read). But I can see thread titles here on the SDMB, so if you guys are still talking about these games months or years later, I know they must be good.

Next game for me? Bioshock 2 (or Mass Effect 2) - can’t wait.