today.. did anybody else get over excited about the upcoming groundhog day?

lol… checking out the different forums page… and well… isn’t this mundane as it gets?


I’ll second that.

(Pay no mind. His posts all morning have been making W.C. Fields look like a teetotaller. He did this a few days ago, too, and came back to say something like, “Wow! Was I drunk!” :rolleyes: )

Ok, show of hands everybody who’s glad they don’t have rewindforward’s hangover this morning.

(raises hand for swampbear’s count.)

Yeah, I’m very excited about the upcoming groundhog day… in, ohh, seven months and eight days, by my reckoning. :smiley:

It’s my birthday so I dread it’s coming.

buys you a drink

raises hand for swampbear :wink:

I think he means the summer version of Groundhog Day.

You know, the one where rewindforward comes out of his hole, sees his shadow, pops open another beer, has 1/5 of a complete thought, and starts another thread about it.

Or ten.

I’m not hungover… I only had 11 bud lights… they’re smooth… 4%… and you don’t get too hung compared to regular beer.

and then writes about it using double periods and no capitalization.

The thread, she is mundane and pointless.

Groundhogs are cute. Mean little bastards, though.

lol… lyk omg… lol !!!111oneeleven

There’s a limit to how pointless we want our threads to be, and you seem to be zooming right past that limit, rewindforward. I’m not sure if you’re serious about how much you’ve had to drink, but we really don’t want people to start threads while drunk. Which is what I said here when I closed another of your threads.

Maybe you should consider holding back for the weekend until you can sober up. Or, at the very least, put a bit more meat into your threads.