Today in Baby Aardvark News

Do I really need an excuse to post a video of a baby Aardvark?

All together now : AAAAaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

I believe this is more properly a “squeeeeee”

I get “An online debate viewer asks the GOP candidates to describe themselves in one word.”

That is SO wrong. Entice me with baby aardvarks and try to trick me into listening to the GOP!
:mad: :slight_smile:

I found the video, btw.

I agree – GOP candidates describing themselves in one word never makes me go “AAAAwwwwwwww.” I’ll go so far as to declare this a bipartisan thing.
Sorry about your suffering.

How adorably weird.

And I now know that aardvarks and anteaters are different animals. I can no longer honestly say that I’ve seen an aardvark in person.

That is weird, very weird, nth. degree anthromorphisism strange.
Can we have some pictures of Kittens or Mitt Romney as a child?

In my church there is a stained glass window depicting Adam naming the animals. Adam himself is figleafed behind a bush, but there are several animals, a dog, a water buffalo, a giraffe, and an aardvark. Adam is pointing down at the aardvark with one hand, and is scratching his head with the other. It’s like “What the HECK do I call this thing?” It’s one of my favorite windows in the church.

Aaaand my day is made.

I’m an aardvark, and I’m proud!
I’m an aardvark, and I’m happy!
I’m an aardvark,
If I try to be specific
And a little scientific,
I am really quite terrific!

I’m an aardvark, fierce and free!
I’m an aardvark, standing bravely!
I’m an aardvark,
And I’m tough and smart and strong
And always right,
And that’s the way I’ll always be …

Until I meet another aardvark
Who’s bigger than me!

One of the reasons I’m a member of that zoo is to support the aardvarks. Brookfield Zoo does good work.

What does an aardvark do anyway?

That lady has the perfect accent for talking about the “aardvaaarrk” Love it!

1.) Digs in the earth and eats insects

2.) Pretty much whatever it wants

3.) What do you care? A little aardvark never hurt anyone!

Aaaaaaaaaaah what a cute little guy.

Here’s a couple stills of a baby aardvark.

I’ve been staring at that top pic for a bit now and I’m just thinking, “Evolution, interesting.”

I also read on wiki that they are the last in their family line of animal type.

[Homer Simpson] Mmmmmmmmmm termite juice. [HS]

There’s a fossil aardvark in the American Museum of Natural History. I used to see it al the time before they re-arranged the fourth floor several years back. It’s probably still up there, but I don’t know where.

I once saw an anteater do a bad thing to an aardvark in a petting zoo.


I’m glad that aardvark has a good life in a good zoo.

It’s a petting zoo. Duh. :smiley:

CNN calls this Breaking News.

I truly would have loved to have seen it break.

“We interrupt your scheduled programming for an important announcement. This just in: a baby aardvark! Lookithim inneee cuuuute, awuzzawuzzawuzza.”