Today in nature I saw

Wow, very pretty.

At Point Reyes today, a couple of male Tule Elk watching cow shenanigans

Recently I spent 9 hours photographing one of those.

Photos taken between 1 PM and 10 PM. Ideally I’d like to get a sequence from opening to closing, but that would mean around 16 hours and and I’m not really feeling quite that crazy. (An automatic timelapse sequence would be even better, but that would involve an elaborate setup including a spare phone, a very long extension cord to keep it powered, an umbrella, and something to clamp the flower in place to keep it from swaying. I think I actually have all of that available, but again, not feeling that crazy.)

Here is a very nice, very recent article on the flower and its modern and historic contributions to science and art.

Ran into a new spider species tonight that wasn’t on my list. I almost ignored it because at a casual glance it looked like one of the bazillion Cellar Spiders around, but I gave it a longer look and saw that it wasn’t. Google Lens easily identified it as a spitter spider Scytodes thoracica. (With a strong enough mic, I might could hear a spitter spider pitter patter.)

Turkeys !!!

Everyday my gf puts out 3-5 pounds of shelled corn for the deer, turkeys, and crows to enjoy. We sit with our breakfast and watch them eat.

For years we’ve had a large flock of turkeys visit most days. Suddenly this week a second large flock is coming also. I counted 55 turkeys this morning in two waves.

If you aren’t careful you will attract 30-50 feral hogs.

How long would something like that take, I wonder?

I was going to reply that there aren’t any in Pennsylvania, but I looked it up and indeed there are an estimated 3,000 but none in my county or adjacent counties.

Heard some blue jays making an unholy racket, so I put out some peanuts (in shell) for them.

They were watching.

One came within 90 seconds. Inspected several peanuts - picking them up & promptly setting then back down - then chose one (according to what criteria, I’ll never know) and flew to the neighbor’s shrub.

I watched it select a thickly leaved branch, stuff the peanut into it, then - this was cool - pick up a random tree leaf and poke it on top of the peanut, to hide it.

Can’t make its head or tail but mighty cute!:space_invader:

A neighbor took this picture on Friday. Two interesting things about it: First, those fence posts are eight feet apart. And second, that house in the background is mine. :scream: I’ve been keeping the dogs in a lot this weekend.

Yesterday this snek got onto our back porch and couldn’t find his way out again. I didn’t mind seeing him but had to help him leave.


Yeah, one of the good guys.

It was yesterday, but while walking to the store I saw four hawks soaring in the same area. Two were pretty low (20 feet maybe?) (hunting the field I was walking next to presumably), the other two were pretty high up.

I know I’ve posted things like this before, but it never gets old for me. Today on the allotment/community garden.

Google Photos

It’s October, and I’m turning soil over and weeding before I put the allotment to bed for the winter. Considering the number of worms etc I’m unearthing, it has been a real surprise to me how little I’ve seen of the robins, and how wary this one was of me when they finally did turn up to eat (on day 3). This was as close as he/she got (about two meters). Unusual for a bird that has no fear of humans.


Every year around this time we notice the deer bulking up nicely in preparation for winter. We’ve been putting out more corn to help them in their efforts.

If the corn runs out, they come up close to our house to eat sunflower seeds.

That’s so cool. Looks like that lady on the right could use the help!

There was a pregnant doe visiting us recently. My gf found a dead newborn fawn in the woods and we were wondering if it was hers. (I wish they had ear-tags or some other way to keep track of them)

My Joro has roommates that I’ve just started seeing, tiny kleptoparasitic spiders living in the web to feed off the Joro’s leftovers. (There is a huge size difference—the one in the bottom left of the first shot can’t be more than a thousandth of the Joro’s mass.)

lol he sounds like the shooting effects in an early 80s arcade game …don’t know if they count for nature but …Cheetah Cub Cam | Smithsonian's National Zoo

its cute mom goes out the cat door occasionally and when she comes back she makes sure to count them each time so I wonder if they’ve been taken off to be examined whilst she w as gone

Also there’s a specific one that I think shes trying to make it go poop cause she was licking that region for 10 minutes earlier on it