Today is my Birthday, and I'm fabulous!

Yes its my 23rd birthday today and I feel absolutley fabulous:D
The sun is shining, the air is clear, the KFC is open, and all is right in my world. I have been looking forward to 23 for some odd reason, and now That I am here its great, Hopefully Its a sign of good things to come, So everyone do a birfday dance with me :smiley:

Enjoy your day while you are young. After 30 it’s all downhill!

Happy Birthday may God give you lots of blessings and presents!

Oh, Deadly, I’m so glad to see you back.

Congratulations on your birthday. Here’s a nice slice of chocolate cheesecake with raspberry topping.

Now, sweetie, what’s been going on with you? Have we dumped the deadbeat friends and gotten over deadbeat ex?

Thanks Isabelle:D
Yes Indeed we have dumped the ex friends, and the ex deadbeat has been history for a while, I had a new man for a second, and I suspect there might be more, now I am sticking to chasing doper men around in other threadds :smiley:
How are you doing Ivylass?