After reading this thread, I thought you should know.

Today, March 5th is NOT my Birthday. I am NOT turning 27 today. But I will on May 11th. That is all. I jsut wanted to clear that up.

Oh, and you are all wonderful people for not remembering my non birthday :smiley:

Now, with this notice if you goret my REAL one… well… hell, you are great people anyway. :slight_smile:

Well, congratu-non-lations then!

We should drink upon this fine occasion! :smiley: Thanks :slight_smile:

And I didn’t even not get you something!

So what did you get me then? Yay! Presents!

And for the record, I will not be turning 34 on June 10.
So mark your calendars.


Happy un-birthday, bCanuck**!

What a coincidence! I’M not turning 34 on June 10th, either! We could be twins!

Well then, Happy Un-Birthday to you!
Wow what a coincidence! March 12th is NOT my birthday! But I do have to take my cat in to the vet that day to get her spade. :slight_smile:

[Mad Hatter]
A Very merry unbirthday to you, to you…
[/Mad Hatter]

What are you going to make her dig? :slight_smile:

Hey! It’s not my birthday, either! What are the odds?

She’s going to dig out her uvula so she can’t reproduce.:smiley:

Wait, I know, I know! You’re going to make her dig a whole! :smiley:

OK, I’ll stop now.

[Bob Barker]
Help control the pet population! Spay or neuter your pets!
[/Bob Barker]


March 5th isn’t my birthday either, and all of you forgot! I’m so hurt.

Let’s celebrate with beer!

I won’t bake a cake for you guys if you don’t want to celebrate that you didn’t get any presents!

Sounds good :smiley:

If you DID get presents, hand 'em over, my birthday is coming up in 9 days. :smiley: