Today was a good day

It’s pay day at work which is also early-out day. I took my check to the bank and then went and rented a new house. My cousin just moved and I’m taking over his old house. It’ll be nice to be back in the city, even if it’s not a particularly large one.

Then I chomped down at Pizza Hut and stopped by the pet place to get crickets for my tarantulas. I got to see my Poecilotheria ornata catch a live cricket for the first time. He just shied away from the cricket the first time I tried this, but after each of two feedings since I got him, he molted. He’s pretty huge now. The others are still too small for live crickets so they’ll have to wait until they freeze.

Oh, and let’s not forget, I’m sipping on some premium German dunkel. I bought some Warsteiner beer on the way home. Eine Konigin unt den Bieren, whatever that means. I think it’s going to be a good weekend.

Einen Konig etc means The King of Beers, if my (rusty) German is right. Hope the weekend is nice for you.

That makes sense. Yes, it’s been a good weekend, danke.

I take it you didn’t have to use your AK?

Nah. I didn’t have to fight off any invasions this weekend. Damn zombies.

Did anybody you know get killed in South Central LA?

If you had to quantify the amount of pork in this mornings breakfast, would the number be < or = to 0?

Did you play bones, and then yell “DOMINO!”?

Kyla, if anyone had to beat me to that, at least it’s you. Fitting given your LJ title.

It took me this long to get the AK reference. I haven’t heard that song since it was new. (I was in high school, maybe middle school.) I don’t have internet in the new house yet so you won’t be seeing much of me for a few days. Ciao.