Extra napkins in the MMP

I hate waste, so when we’re given a pile of extra napkins in a restaurant, I’ll take the ones we don’t use and shove them in my purse. They end up in my desk drawer at work and I don’t have to use the nasty tri-fold brown paper towels with my lunch. YAY!!

For the record, I don’t ask for all the extra napkins - many places automatically bring them. I drove thru McD’s and got a single breakfast sammich - and half a dozen napkins, which ended up in my desk drawer. Hey - free napkins!!

Happy Moanday!

I agree. I’m not a tree hugger but all for saving the environment, especially when it’s easy. I wish they’d give me somewhere between 1 & a ½" stack. :smack:
Say, what kind of slob do they take me for? :mad:

I have a stash in the passenger door pocket of my car.

Happy Moonday!

It’s a cloudy 72 degrees outside.
I think it is supposed to rain all day. Annoying since the front postage stamp didn’t get mowed yesterday. According to twptb it was supposed to be clear today and rain tomorrow.
That is what happens when you believe anything they have to say.

I feel like hell this morning. I woke at 4:30 and didn’t fall back asleep until right before it was time to get up.
I also have to call the IRS today, which makes for an irritable morning.

I love getting free napkins. I keep some in the truck, and others in the napkin holder on the kitchen table.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 77 Amurrkin out, foggy and waaaaaaaaaaay hyoooooomid, with a predicted high of 95 and mostly N.O.S. for the day. I shall defilthyfy da cave today. Rah. Also tonight is men’s night over to the church house so I shall betake myself over sometime twixt four and five to do set up as I am wont to do. I figure that’s enough to mostly keep me outta trouble for the day.

MOOOOOOM when I irked I also kept a stash of napkins. Sometimes I et at my desk and sometimes the break room. Either way, I always had a napkin or two to use. Also, the kitchen table at da cave contains napkins from various places at times. We sit there to eat when it’s just the two of us, so we use whatever napkins. Like Spidey I also keep some in twuck cause 'tis handy at times.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day. Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

I have a few spares in the car, along with tissues, tho napkins are often the better choice, and both are better than using a sleeve. :smiley:

My refrigerator is making a funny noise.
The freezer and fridge are both keeping cool, but it sounds like a twin engine plane putting down a runway.

I’m not that fond of my fridge, I’d rather have more freezer and less fridge, but it is fairly new and no excuse to buy a new one.
Especially after the IRS is hitting me up for some more money.

We shall see, I guess calling a repair person is the next step.

No, first I’ll check online, then call a repair person.

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Closing shift today, so I get to go and watch 3 hours of hockey practice this morning.:smiley:

Especially someone else’s sleeve.

Sari, “fairly new”? Is it still under warranty?

And I have no napkin stash. Half the time I have to ask for some.:dubious:

Afternoon, mumpers! It’s gloomy and windy over here, looks like we have the tail end of Storm Helene (she’s not a hurricane any more) so I hope the roofers working on the house next to us have nailed everything down before the wind picks up.

Napkins? Oh, you mean serviettes! Yes, we always get more than we need so I have a stash at work too. I don’t bother to keep them in the car, I already have a roll of kitchen towel in there.

So busy at work, just a week to go before the new cherubs arrive this coming weekend. I am not sure I’m quite prepared for it yet but we have a long way to go before all the work is done. Timetables are doing my head in now. Is it hometime yet?

Another napkin hoarder here, at least when I was working. These days it’s the little salt packets I tend to keep around the house, you ask for one and you get six, so I use them up.

73F now heading for 87F. I am told that there is a season of the year called Fall (or Autumn), and I’d really like to see it someday…

Sari, hope the fridge noise is a minor problem or that’s it’s still under warranty.

OK, need to make myself decent since I’m expecting some work to be done on the home remodel today.

Not a napkin hoarder. I don’t go to fast food places often and when I do, I take the napkins home and use them. I’m a bag hater. I bring my own to the grocery store but sometimes end up with a few plastic ones which get used for cleaning the cat box. It’s hot here again. Upper 80s through Thursday with maybe some rain. I’m tired of summer. ** Boo**fae, I have a friend in Scotland who posted about Helene. We were there in early June when there were 50 mph gusts. Not fun walking.

I usually bring the napkins home; the kiddos are so darned messy that it’s nice to have some free, disposable cleaning implements. But when I’m at a restaurant with them, we usually end up using most if not all of the extra napkins anyway. Fricking 2-year-olds.

Juliet Jr.'s room was really hot last night (furnace scheduled for replacement next week Friday), so she thought it would be a good idea to stay up until 10:30 watching TV in her room. I got her a fan, turned off the TV and she promised to be good in the morning and wake up nicely. Ha! She was a steaming pile of crabby this morning.

I didn’t get the faux brick panels for Romeo Jr.'s bed cut this weekend, but I did get the MDF cut and painted. My brother and his wife were going to meet my parents in Madison for a Badger game, where they’d go with my mom and my dad would watch their kiddos. But my mom got sick, so they had no one to watch the kiddos while they went to the game. So I brought my kiddos over and hung out at their house Saturday. Used their air conditioning, ate their food, neglected my housework. Wasn’t a bad day. Tonight, after I get the kiddos to bed, I’m going to get to work measuring and cutting the faux brick so I can get the saw horses out of my garage and put my car back in it.

So your refrigerator is running…better go catch it! :stuck_out_tongue:

That explains all the stains on your sleeve. :o
I irk in a biiiiggg orifice building; multiple stories, two separate elevator banks, multiple different companies on each floor; entrances on three different sides, from separate parking lots.
Ummm, FedEx, don’t leave a “we missed you” tag on the outer doors to the building from one of the parking lots. They’re for residences or leaving on the inner door of the individual company. :smack:

I have a stash of napkins in the console of my car as well as in my studio to be used for things like cleaning brushes with mineral spirits, etc. At home, I use cloth napkins not only for their reusability, but because they are sturdy things. As for plastic bags, most places, I take cloth bags in, but there are a couple of places I go with the plastic to use for lunch bags (I can’t take a cloth bag out through security) and to line small waste baskets.

Up, caffeinating, breakfasted and fixing to shower to go to the dentist and to mail the recipe books out to the cousins. I should pick up some stamps while I’m at the PO.

Serviettes? Well lah-dee-dah, isn’t that just so fancy! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve run out of work again. I messaged the boss and talked to one of the engineers who said he might have something for me. Meanwhile, thank goodness for intrarwebz at work!

The fridge is 4 years old, was new when I bought the house.

I guess that is fairly new.

I keep the main stash in the car of freebies and when it gets too full I move most into the house; up to the desk now that its back in use again. But there are times when a sleeve just feels right. :wink:

Busy morning.

The irk phone has been ringing non-stop.
We pulled the fridge out, took off the front cover and used a brush to sweep out a big dust ball. Fridge was still noisy so my son suggested we unplug it and plug it back in. Now it is quiet.
We’ll see for how long, but I am expecting to have to call a repair person soon.

I guess 4 years isn’t fairly new, although it should be. A fridge should last a long time, like 20 years. At least the old ones did. What is the life expectancy now, 12 years or something?

I would think about 15-ish years for a fridge, Sari. Most people, I think, upgrade before then, to get something more energy efficient, prettier, or with newer features. I’m just trying to get mine to hold out for another 7 years or so until we can renovate our kitchen and replace it all.

Who makes it, Microsoft?

Our last fridge lasted about 10 years, and it pissed me off when it died - it’s when I swore off GE refrigerators. When we moved into the house, there was an avocado green model in the garage, used as a beer fridge by the previous owners, and it was still running fine when we rehomed it circa 2008 or so. Seems the older ones were built better than more recent models.

Brent came thru, as did Ryan, so I’ve had work and my morning zipped away. Yay for lunch break!!