Today we are in search of the elusive "Dog With A Funny Haircut"

<Horribly fake, pretentious-sounding, British accent>

Today children, we are in search of the elusive dog with a funny hair cut. Now, as summer heat swelters, many canines shed tremendous portions of their coats. Often, the virtually hairless feeders of the canines grow increasingly angry at finding clumps of hair in their carpets, shoes, cars, couches, and bread pans. This results in the ritualisitc shaving of the canine.

And that is where we are today, friends. We are trying to obtain photos of the most elusive creature to roam…my house.

What’s that? Ah, we seem to be on the right trail.

The canine seems unusually wary of the camera. Perhaps he is aware of his funny haircut and self conscious.

Alas, it seems we will never get to photograph the elusive canine. ***

Finally! Success! And all it took was a little bribe

</Horribly fake, pretentious-sounding, British accent>

What? I was bored. :smiley:
***I think his expression in this picture is hilarious. For some reason, he reminds me of la chupacabra here.

That’s awesome!

May I make a suggestion, though? Instead of a fakey British accent (a la Madonna), perhaps a broad Australian accent (a la the Crocodile Hunter). I swear to you, I can hear the Crocodile Hunter’s voice reading your post (while stalking your dog). And I am on the floor laughing – very well done!

By the way, when my parents took their cat to the groomers for his summer shave, he hid for days afterward because (we assumed) he was embarrassed to be bald. (Which of course made my little brother ask my dad why he doesn’t hide.)

Run! It’s the deady manticore!

laugh Poor dog.

He looks about as thrilled with his haircut as my ragdoll kitty feels when he’s been clipped. :smiley:

Fine! Aussie it is then. Whatever it takes to please the masses, that’s what I say.

All last night Doc (the D.W.A.F.H.C.) was barking and snarling and I couldn’t figure out why. Lo and behold, Scooby was walking not 2 inches behind him, head butting him every few steps. I think that is Scooby’s way of mocking. Who knows?

Everytime he gets shaved, they make him look funny. I told them not to make his head as puffy as last time (which they did do), but he still looks goofy. Poor guy. At least he got a spiffy bandana.