Today's dances

Back in the 60s we danced the twist, the monkey, the pony, the frug, the watusi, the locomotion, the mashed potato . . . and, I’m sure, hundreds more. It seemed that every other day someone was coming up with a new dance.

Do today’s kids (and older) still have names for their dances?

I was just at a club on Saturday night, and I can tell you the most popular dance by far is the grind (dry humping with some hand motions thrown in). I’m only partially kidding. There are some that will pop up from time to time. I’m sure everybody remembers the Macarena, there was also the Stanky Leg (am I remember that one right?), and various songs will have instructions for dancing (slide, slide, slide dip, dip, etc).

Sure. All kinds.

Crank that.

Walk it out.

The Jerk

Stanky Leg

Some cute little girls doing Chicken Noodle Soup

Harlem Shake

The Halle Berry (being done by Halle Berry herself)
There are oodles more, of course, that’s just what I could find in a 2 min YouTube search.

I think when folks (and I mean this as nicely as possible, but it’s generally older folks) think younger people are just grinding on each other, they aren’t realizing that there are actually all kinds of dance moves worked in there. Sure, some people just grind in the corner of the club and are nasty, but most folks might LOOK like they are grinding, but are really doing some serious dance moves.

A few more

The Kim Kardashian

Cute little girl doing the Pop, Lock, and Drop It


Well sure. Even in the 60s, older people thought we were just grinding on each other. They even thought the twist was obscene, and we weren’t even touching.

And when my parents did the jitterbug in the 30s, their parents thought the same thing.

Haha I’m 29 so I don’t know if I qualify as “older” folks. And sure, there are people who can really dance, but the majority of people I’ve seen (at a pretty wide range of clubs and lounges) aren’t really doing anything that coordinated. Some people definitely know the dances (I remember a couple of years ago when Crank That would play and everybody would do the dance), but for a lot of the songs that didn’t have distinctive dances, it’s mostly just grinding. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, or that it doesn’t take skill too.

The tootsie roll is still popular right? Right?

I think my new goal when I go out to the bar this weekend is to bring back the tootsie roll.

To the right, to the right, to the left, to the left, now dip baby dip.