What are the kids' dances nowadays?

Remember the 20s? No, I wasn’t alive then either. Anyway, hipsters in the '20s had the Black Bottom, the Charleston, and the Shag. The '30s and '40s has Swing dancing. The '60s had the Watusi, the Monkey, the Swim, the Twist… I remember seeing a '60s sitcom where someone was being electrocuted or something, and everyone thought he’d invented a new dance and started copying his moves. The '60s seemed a boom time for new dances.

I don’t know if there were named dances in the '70s. There was disco dancing, but I don’t know of any dance called The Disco, or The Leisure Suit. The late-'70s had the Pogo, which is a named dance, and a while ago there was the Achy-Breaky Dance. But you really don’t hear of named dances nowadays. (At least, I don’t.) Are there any? I mean like The Watusi or whatever. A more-or-less ‘official’ dance.

Do the Hustle!

Maybe you mean Line Dancing? And there was the Macarena, of course.

I had to put on my tweed jacket with the elbow patches, and my monocle (of course), before I could properly read this post (and I could only adequately and completely do so after reclining in my high-, wing-backed chair, and crossing my legs, à la Michael Corleone).

Cha Cha Slide

Here’s a good* one from the 80s.



Is that the guy from Kajagoogoo?

What about the Safety Dance? Never saw anyone do it actually, but there’s a video!

I still rock the Running Man, the Cabbage Patch and the Lawnmower.
They see me rollin’, and they hatin’.

The young people around these parts do the Melbourne Shuffle, which is definitely a “damn kids” kind of dance. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Bus Driver is a very important dance to us honkies.

Frighteningly, the biggest “dance” at my daughter’s high school is “grinding” ::yikes::

So much so that after I picked her up from Homecoming, she freely told me she was grinding as if it wasn’t even noteworthy.

I almost drove my car off the road.

Interesting. Looks like something you would see a character in a video game doing. I can see its appeal, for that reason. As for “grinding” I believe it was formerly known as “dry humping” and was done in privacy, not on the dance floor.

The kids like to crank dat. Lots of videos online for that one.

Krumping and getting low