Today's my anniversary

I can’t believe it’s been 2 years. It simultaneously feels like yesterday and a hundred years ago. Of course, we’ve been together for much longer (since 2004) so that’s probably part of it.

My gift for him hasn’t arrived yet which kind of pisses me off, but whatcha gonna do.

Congratulations! Did you find that marriage was any different than being together? Is year 2 at a different place than year 1?

I feel more secure being married. I KNOW he’s serious about the relationship, rather than just thinking that he probably is. I also know that he put a lot of thought into the decision to get married because he waited five years to ask me, even though we’d talked about it much, much earlier. So it feels good to know that after careful consideration, he decided to spend his life with me.

At 2 years I think we’ve come to a new level than at 1 year. We’ve talked more about some of our issues and both made some changes in how we handle things. Also, I’m working now which I wasn’t before, so some of the tension related to that is gone.

I wish and your spouse as much happiness as I and my dear bride have had for all these years.

I need to pay more attention. I read this as “I and my dead bride”
:eek: :slight_smile:

Congrats to you, Opal!

Happy anniversary. :slight_smile:

Zombie brides - pass it on!:eek:

That’s the secret to happiness—she can’t leave or argue.

Kidding, of course. I hope I don’t need to specify that, but I might.

Congrats, Opal.