Today's the day Netflix instant watch goes from good to awesome.

The following shows just had their entire catalog (minus the currently airing seasons) added to instant watch:

Arrested Development
Better Off Ted
Black Adder
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Firefly (while we’re at it, Serenity and Dr. Horrible are on instant watch too)
King of the Hill
Lie to Me
My Name is Earl
Prison Break
The Riches

My queue just exploded.

Aw crap, and I was hoping to get some exercise and sun this summer. Maybe do some house repairs and remodeling. Maybe I’ll fix the roof between Buffy seasons…yeah, that’s what I’ll do…

Wow, that’s pretty awesome. Lot of those I don’t care about, but Black Adder and Arrested Development…! (I like Buffy too, just not a huge enthusiast.)

I’ve been wanting to try My Name is Earl and Better Off Ted. Admittedly, I saw the pilot of BOT and thought it was very blah, but pilots aren’t always good indicators of future growth.

Thanks for the heads up, enalzi!

Damn. This is starting to make me wish I had my TV and my computer in the same room again. Perversely, Instant Watch doesn’t work on my computer (so far as I know; running Linux), but my Blu-Ray player can connect to Netflix.

This is, indeed, awesome. Most seasons of King of the Hill aren’t even available on DVD - now they’re available instantly on NetFlix! Awesome.

NetFlix fans who don’t know it should enjoy this site, which keeps you up-to-date on what movies/shows will be streaming soon: Home Page | Raghu Srinivasan

Excellent, I had never seen that site before. I also recommend which lets you know what was all added that day.

And if you’ve got or will soon have an iPad, they (Netflix) already have a streaming viewer available for it at the app store.

Waaaitaminute. . . many of these look like Fox shows. Even Buffy and Angel were produced by 20th C. Fox despite airing on UPN/WB. I thought his royal assholiness Rupert Murdoch wanted to charge every penny he could for streaming content, as evidenced by his antics with Hulu.

Is this a ploy - are they going to yank these after a month or so, to try to get Hulu subscriptions?

In order to get to awesome, Netflix needs to add closed captioning (which they say they are working on).

I had just added Buffy seasons 1 and 2 to my DVD queue a couple weeks ago. I guess I was busy when it was new to TV, and thought now I should give it a go. Now I can watch tonight! I think I’ll add a few of the others as well.

The Riches?!

runs around the apartment cheering, suddenly glad he lives alone to avoid explaining

I believe it was part of the deal for delaying new WB DVD releases 28 days on Netflix. (You know, to boost DVD sales among people who now have 8 trillion hours of new TV shows to watch on Watch Instantly. Netflix has to be laughing to the bank.)

Stuff that’s available on Netflix online is paid for. I believe it’s better paid for than Hulu is with advertisements (although I have no cite). Netflix can afford to pay because, if you’re watching stuff online, you’re not thrashing the post office with their mailers, which significantly reduces their costs.

I already have 204 movies and shows in my instant queue. When am I gonna have time to watch all this?! But, man, oh man, that is a nice list. :slight_smile: My most recent addition was all 5 season of Rescue Me. I have a lot of theses titles on DVD, but haven’t been unpacked after my recent move. So, now I can watch Buffy again! :smiley: As an aside, I’m currently listening to the “Once More With Feeling” soundtrack on my Zune.

And better yet, Netflix is coming for the iPhone. No date given though.

That is terrific news! I have been shocked to see that there is no Netflix app that lets me mess with my queue off of the iPhone. I’m a lazy mofo and sometimes I am watching something on my PS3 and I want to add something new. Why not make it so I don’t even have to stand up and I can do it on my phone? Thanks netflix for leading me to an early lazy grave!

Um, there is a Netflix app. I used it for a while but decided I like just going to Netflix from Safari better. I just added the queue page directly to my home screen like the Dope. No muss, no fuss, no app needed.

There are a couple the last I looked. But, none of them are official. And, a few of them charge. So, I just didn’t bother.

I guess I could just use Safari. I’ll try it eventually. Still, I am looking forward to the official app.

I use the Instant Watcher app, works great. Note it’s only manages your streaming queue. It’s also great for finding what’s new and searching.

The website is great too.