Todd Rundgren with an orchestra concert live now on Dutch Radio 6

I know there are some Todd fans here. The first time Todd has performed live with a full symphony orchestra coming up in 15 minutes on Radio 6. Streaming player here:

Am loving this! Thanks so much!

And that DJ is cute.

Love this guy! Talent and humor in equal parts.
Have you heard this old one of his, Piss Aaron?

Pretty much heard everything Todd’s written. Huge fan from long ago. Love that he’s finally getting the opportunities to explore things like working with a big symphony orchestra. Hope Radio 6 hosts an archive of this.

I love his Something/Anything album and listen to him several times a week on DarylsHouse. Always wrap it up with For the Want of a Nail.

Only other person I love as much is Leon Russell.
Thanks again for the thread.

Cool, I won a poster!

Dang! lol

Bumping this old thread to mention that, though the efforts of a group of his fans, Todd will perform this show with the Rockford Orchestra Symphony Orchestra at the Coronado Performing Arts Center in Rockford Illinois June 1st and 2nd, 8:00 pm both nights..

If you want to get some idea, another fan, in a truly amazing act of devotion and technical prowess, combined the audio from the Dutch Radio 6 webcast and video shot by various fans in the venue into a complete multi-cam shoot of the whole concert!

OK, I know what some people are thinking: Why isn’t this in Chicago (or in fill-in-the-name-of-your-city). Why Rockford?

Economics. Rockford has an excellent venue available at a price that makes this whole thing work. They have a fine orchestra that, while not the CSO, does not charge what the CSO charges. As Frank Zappa found out, an orchestra is an amazing tool to dispose of huge amounts of Rock Star dollars. This show has to pay for it’s self, and I’m sure the promoters don’t expect to do any better than to break even.

Also, I expect this less famous orchestra will devote more energy and time to the project than the CSO would.