Toilet bomb

In October 1965 a U.S. Navy pilot bombed a target in North Vietnam with… a toilet.

(Ok, I’ll get things going… :slight_smile: )

Gee, that was a crappy thing to do!

Pretty cool but I’d be more impressed if he’d used it to down a MIG-17.

The 1st Armored Division didn’t follow up with an attack by septic tanks?

Was it loaded with something ‘special’?

You mean… like… Slim Pickens?

The scheduled restroom upgrade for the Navy’s bomber fleet did not go as planned?

I like the dope because it has (so far) been able to answer any question I’ve had.

I love the dope for it’s ability to answer questions I would never had considered asking.
“Hey, anyone know how the 6,000,000th pound of ordinance dropped was commemorated?”

“Hell yeah! We dropped a toilet!”

“Somebody set up us the can!”

Glad they saved six hundred bucks or so by removing and saving the seat.

They should have followed up with a strafing attack using the cardboard tubes that TP is wrapped around.

“Take that Charlie!”…“In your face!!”

Did they flush out the enemy?

When I saw the thread title I thought it was going to be about a 4th of July prank in which someone booby-trapped a toilet with an M-80.

There are so many possible subjects to go with the thread title that I didn’t really expect it to be an actual toilet as a bomb.

I guess they dropped the toilet in loo of more appropriate ordnance.

God will get you for that.

I didn’t know Vietnam was merely a testing ground for anti-Russian mafia ordnance.

Wouldn’t that qualify as chemical and/or biological warfare? I hope someone raised a stink over it.

So when did they drop the kitchen sink?

What? No toilet roll streamers?

I doubt that anyone here is privy to that information.