Toilet paper roll in toilet

Dropping an item in the toilet is extremely frustrating and embarrassing, particularly if it’s an item that can be irreparably harmed by water – cell phones, iPods, kittens, etc.

After a bit of thought, I have come to believe that of all the items that could conceivably fall into a toilet, the least frustrating would be a roll of toilet paper. It’s not like you’re losing something important, you’re just accelerating a process that was going to occur anyway. Right?

I’ve done it, and it’s not fun. You have to fish it out lest it clog the toilet; but a big wet mass of TP pretty quickly disintegrates when you try to lift it out of the water. Plus you’ve wasted the whole roll - what if it were the last roll you had on hand?

Not as bad as dropping your phone, but worse then dropping, say, your hairbrush.

But then you’ll have a soggy mess to remove (because you do not want to flush an entire roll at once) and if it’s the last roll in the house it sure will be frustrating.

ETA: I type slow.

:eek: Not as bad as something you run through your hair a couple times a day?!? I’d be buying a new hairbrush, sir.

Kittens can swim. Other than being wet and hating you for 5 minutes, they’d be no worse for wear.
As far as I’m concerned cell phones belong in the toilet. :smiley:

Protip: If the thing you have dropped is a toothbrush, do not flush!

Or a cue ball. I speak from experience.

I guess it depends on what else was in the toilet. But rinse your brush in bleach and it should be fine, right?

You must have a HUGE bathroom. Or a toilet in your game room. :dubious:

Dude, did you feel like an endangered turtle on the beach?

Or, indeed, brush.

My grandpa’s house, when I was a kid. He had a pooltable in the basement, along with the requisite unfinished bathroom/washroom. IIRC (I was 6 or 7), a group of grandkids decided to see what would happen when we flushed the cue ball. End result: toilet death.

i once dropped and flushed $80 in the form of 4 $20 bills. They must have fallen out of my back pocket when I sat down, I was at home but decided that they were irretrievable or not worth the work in sanitizing them so i flushed.