Tom Chapin's Make a Wish

I remember this really cool children’s show in the '70’s called Make a Wish. The creator/performer was Tom Chapin, Harry Chapin’s brother. It was a kind of stream of consciousness or free association take off on particular words and both my son and I found it truly fascinating. Any dopers out there remember this totally spaced show? I’m trying to find some clips or videos of this show. Any ideas?

Sunday mornings, IIRC. I used to watch it just about every week. I even remember the last 2 lines of the theme song:

“Just let go, fly high…
(spoken) and make a wish!”

I imagine it would be very difficult to find today considering it didn’t run very long and predates even VCR’s. Good luck, though.

Here’s the IMDB link, anyway.

I can’t help with clips, but I well remember the show:

You can get it,
If you want it
But to get it
You’ve got to want it…

I don’t remember the show, but I do remember Tom Chapin’s songs – we bought several of the tapes for our daughter and went to see him perform a couple of times. He’s by far the best writer of childrens’ songs around, since his songs are great even if you aren’t a kid.

I made a wish, the world to see,
Imagine all the possibilities.

Yes, I remember this show. Every episode had some sort of theme, didn’t it? Anyway, according to Tom Chapin’s web site FAQ, “Make a Wish” is not available on video.

It’s great that some of you remember this wonderful show and can even quote lines. Very disappointed tho that in this day where it seems every oldie goldie is available on DVD, this is one that didn’t make the cut.
I remember it as being one of my son’s favorite show, but he has no recollection of it and I was hoping to be able to spark his memory.
Thanks for the feedback.

The only thing I remember about it IS the song. I was a bit old for the show, but I enjoyed the theme song very much. I seem to remember thinking that Tom Chapin was a hottie, too.

I loved that show. Years later when I found music by Tom Chapin I was sooo excited. He’s a favorite around the warning house, but the contrast between him and Harry always fascinates and amuses me. Harry’s music is so dark, so often, and Tom’s is so upbeat and positive.