Anybody remember "Make a Wish" with Tom Chapin?

As a kid growing up in the 70’s, I have very fond memories of climbing into my parent’s bed on Sunday morning and watching “Make a Wish” hosted by Tom Chapin (Harry’s brother). It was this kind of psychedelic, word-association, half-animated show. Very trippy, very 70’s. Anyone remember it?

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Yes, I remember it - I had a TV in my room so I could watch it from my own bed! Unfortunately, with the passage of time and the death of several million brain cells, I don’t remember a lot about it - just vague images of Peter Maxish art and fragments of the song - “anything you try - just let go, fly high! And make a wish”.

Very out there things in my head. Nothing solid. More info?

From the 3rd edition of Total Television:

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Gee, thanks Mr. Know it All! You’re swell. :slight_smile:

I think you’re smarter than a dumb slug. - Christopher A. Evans

I loved that show–pure stream of consciousness. For a 9 year old, it was the most creative thing I’d ever seen. I’ve never come across repeats, but my memory tells me that I’d still like it. Why doesn’t TV Land show this on Saturdays, instead of “Sigmund the Sea Monster”?

Actually, while “Make a Wish” is no more, Tom Chapin is still doing stuff for kids. My daughter has a tape of his (title of which I can’t remember) and a CD called “Zag-Zig”. He also did a kids concert that was subsequently released on video called “This Pretty Planet”.

Side note: A friend ran into him in NYC & asked about “MaW”. He said that he enjoyed it, and would be interested in doing it again, but it’s evidently owned by ABC, and they are guarding it jealously.

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Maybe me and Byzantine are the only ones, but I’m drawing a big blank.

Its a good thing these chairs come with fart vents.

You may have been too young. I seem to remember it being on from 1972 to 1974. Also, my TV station ran it on Sundays, so if your’s did too, it wouldn’t be part of your Saturday morning memories.