Tom Clancy's The Division (Ubisoft)

Anyone out there playing this game? I figured there would be a thread already.

It is a 3rd person shooter/rpg with the ability to go from PvE (solo and co-op) to PvP in certain sections of the game.

I was looking at this in the shop today. It attracted my attention but I’ve heard nothing about it yet. Time for a Google.

It’s a lot of fun but it’s very much an MMO in the Borderlands style - enemies take multiple shots to go down until you level up and get some decent kit, for example.

You can play it alone but it works better with other people - fortunately the matchmaking system works pretty well and so far the other players I’ve encountered have behaved decently.

The setting looks great though - there’s an insane amount of detail in it; right down to the graffiti, strewn suitcase contents and abandoned Christmas displays.

Sorry should have better explained the shooter aspect. It is a really detailed world, in fact people on Reddit are putting pictures of their buildings compared to the games and the details are amazing.

It is really an addicting game, and if you are able to play it with a group of friends, who talk and strategize, it is a great time.

The PvP area, called the Dark Zone, is a meat-grinder. Players have the ability to go “Rouge” and try to kill and steal your stuff. Once they go Rouge they have the ability to be killed without penalty and for a bounty.

You know, this is exactly the reason I wish game companies would just stop trying to use the word “rogue”.

Saw some 4K shots of the game on PC running at Ultra settings, and I really had to look at the images closely for a few moments to be sure they weren’t photographs. The detail is pretty off the wall.

What are ya going to do? :smack:

I was trying to figure out why characters applying cosmetics suddenly made them killable with no penalty…

Watched Angry Joe’s review (he gave it an average 5 out of 10) and it seems the game has some issues in terms of balancing, and the reward for grinding.