Tom Hnatiw - origin of name?

Tom Hnatiw is the co-host of “Dream Car Garage” on the Speed Channel (as well as writing a car column on Canada amongst other things). According to this site his last name is pronounced “NA-choo”.

What is the origin of such a name? I would have never gotten close to this pronounciation in a million years.

Knew some Hnatiws growing up. I believe it’s Ukrainian.

<under-informed speculation>
Looks like some Croatian names I’ve seen in the news.
</under-informed speculation>

Person on message board says

Just for the record, I don’t know Mason, in spite of my claim to knowing Hnatiws and living in Saskatoon. :slight_smile:

Mason’s coming over directly to have sit down with you. He’ll be at your place within the hour.