Tom Magliozzi of Car Talk has died.

This really sucks. Tom and Ray were appointment radio for me every Saturday. Thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Was he Klick, or Klack?

Oh well, either way, RIP.


Oh wow that’s sad news. Car Talk has always been part of my weekend.

RIP, Tom.

I LOVED car talk and could laugh with these guys over the most mundane of jokes. This is terrible!

Thanks Tom.


I think he laughed hardest and best of all when they did their annual? reading of Car Talk hate mail.

Don’t drive like my brother.

I’m very sorry to hear that. But I’ve been wondering something about that radio program. They seem to talk knowledgeably about all sorts of cars. I know they owned the Good News Garage, but surely they haven’t actually worked on cars in years. So how did they know all of that stuff? (Or are the answers they’re providing on the radio show fed to them by others?)

Because between the radio show, syndicated column, website, merchandise sales and so forth, I’m assuming both were very comfortably compensated.

Don’t drive like my brother.

And don’t drive like my brother.

This breaks me up much worse than I would have thought. One of the things I connected with my dad on was cars and working on them. Listening to their show with him was a connection exclusive to us in the family. I’ll miss ya forever, Tom.

With Tom and Mayor Menino, we’ve lost two of Boston’s most beloved characters. End of an era.

We’ll always have his cameo on Arthur.

A charming man, a fun and funny and informative show.

Thanks Tom.

This explains why they ended the program in 2012.
Sorry to hear this.:frowning:
Longtime fan….


They worked on cars for most of their lives and had seen it all, I assume. There are also software packages that mechanics use that will provided exploded diagrams, etc.

That’s so sad.

I continually listen to the show on the weekends on my way to work/random errands.

RIP man, your laugh shall endure

AIUI the callers were pre-screened several days (or more) ahead, apparently on the basis of the noise the car made and how well they could imitate it. So Tom and Ray would have had time to look up anything they needed to.

Complications of Alzheimer’s … either that disease moved pretty fast or he helped it along, which I might have done. But no one who ever heard that laugh will ever forget it.

Plus, a car’s just not terribly complex. I’ve never worked as a mechanic, but I’d say I arrived at the same conclusion they did about 50% of the time.

I love Car Talk and am sad to hear this.

A comment from their facebook page: