Tom.... Tom. Tom. Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom.... Tom.

When you reach bottom, stop digging .

Arrogant, eh Tom? Interesting.

Keep it up and you’re going to wind up alone in the Universe.

The chances are excellent that there is other intelligent life in the universe.

Yeah, but I’d be doing a lot of shutting up right now if I were him.

A simple, “I don’t know” might lend him a touch of credibility he so desperately needs right now.

Sorry, but I gotta side with Tom on this one. But then I’m kooky like that.

Chances are also excellent that this will not be the last pitting of Tom Cruise. He’s really been making an ass of himself lately.

Well, don’t you think he has a point? I’m loathe to say this, what with all the Roswell nutjobs and the loonies on Coast To Coast AM, but think about it. With all the stars, planets, balls of rock, etc. in the universe, do you really think that there’s no chance that life could have been formed somewhere else? Is it not possible that somewhere there is a place other than here that is hospitable to life?

It’s not impossible, and to a certain degree it is arrogance to assume that it couldn’t have happened somewhere else. Unlikely? Yes. Impossible? Not at all.

Or as Sagan has suggested, have been or will be.

I wouldn’t have used the word “arrogant”, but otherwise, I pretty much agree with him. We’re just stunningly unlikely to ever meet them, let alone have slaved races inserted in our heads by them, to be discovered by Ron the saviour who will deliver us in to the hands of shitty moviemakers with an obsession with blue filters and wonky camera angles.

And they’d be embarassed to be associated with Cruise.

I doubt they’d even waste the time on anally probing him.

There may be intelligent life forms in the universe. The Bild did not interview one.

I was about to start a thread on this topic, only i was going to criticize the media outlets for making something out of nothing.

Essentially, this story boils down to, “Overexposed actor, like tens of millions of other people, believes it is likely that life has developed elsewhere in the universe.”

Big fucking deal!

The fact that media outlets feel the need to capitalize on Cruise’s recent idiocies in an attempt to get some mileage out of this non-issue is pretty pathetic.

Media loves to tear down their own idols whom they’ve spent time building up.

Yeah, Tom is an easy target lately. But only because he makes it easy.

He’d sue their ass if they went public with the anal probe thing. He’s sensitive about stuff like that.

Reach bottom!?

I think that that’s a controversial statement, isn’t it?

I wonder what the questioner meant? If it was just that there’s intelligent life out there somewhere, then TC’s response was at least reasonable. If he was talking about UFO’s then the response wasn’t.

No, I don’t think so. The universe is a huge place. A rare occurence is not the same as no occurence at all.

I’m not saying that the universe is flooded with life, nor am I saying that humans will ever contact other intelligent life. I’m fairly comfortable in believing that humans are not the only intelligent life that has ever existed or will ever exist. Sadly, I’ll never know for sure.

No problem. I certainly would not begrudge a good woman her beliefs. :slight_smile:

You’ve got me mixed up with Guin. :smiley: I am male.

I’m not talking about popularity contests.