Tom Cruse

I saw him on TV this morning and he was discussing his beliefs instead of his new movie, War of the Worlds. Hlis beliefs should not be discussed here, But the fact that he didn’t talk about this new movie disturbs me. And probably his producers.
'Bout all I have to say.


UK critics had to sign a document stating that they would not publish their reviews before the movie opened in the US.

US critics are not allowed in the US premiere.

That’s never a good sign.

Spielberg must be pissed. Maybe Taylor Hackford will call him to commiserate.

Yeah, I have comments. Tom isn’t THAT interesting. And he’s fairly short, which, under normal circumstances wouldnt’ matter…but for a celebrity, I expect more than 5’9. I don’t care if he’s in love with some anorxic chick and I’m sick of hearing about it. Who cares.

Now, if you have interesting news about your new love, your old love, the love you’re chasing…I’d DIE to hear it. THAT’S interesting.


Tom is his own producer.

He was answering the questions asked of him.

It is a common practice of the studios to ask the critics not to publish reviews till opening day.

Yeah, but can’t someone NORMAL with no weird agenda tell me about THEIR love affair? Now THAT would be interesting!

Why would anybody in their right mind want to go around telling people about Tom and Katie’s love affair?

As soon as I get into a new love affair, I rush to tell people all about it. If you can wait a while, you can hear all about mine, in nauseating detail, as soon as I should stumble upon one. I’m not normal, but I don’t have a weird agenda.

I might have actually gone to see War of the Worlds whenever it came out, but Tom Cruise has been so much of a dick lately that I won’t make the effort. Frankly I hope the movie flops and ends his career.

If Postman and Waterworld couldn’t get Costner off the screen, I really doubt that “A Yankee Sumurai in the Shogun’s Court” and “Welles Did Wells Better” will sink Tom’s career.

Well, they are both a lot better actors than I am.

I like KC’s movies …

They entertain me

If I have to keep suspending belief at all the stupid stuff done in movies regards aircraft and flying, I’m not going to get snarky about KC or any decent production…


He could have said "I don’t want to get inot that anymore, let’s talk about the movie. Actually he could have said “Ask me about the movie or I’m not doing the interview”. And given that he’s Tom Cruise, they would have agreed. I have to assume he was talking about what he wanted to talk about (i.e. things he knows nothing at all about).

But not letting reviews into the premier is not…and IS a bad sign, usually.

I was looking forward to seeing War Of The Worlds, but a local disk jockey claims to know someone who saw it and said the ending is horrible, which this same disc jockey predicted would put a halt to film reviews before the film opened. Sure enough, reviews can only be printed, AFTER the film has opened. In other words, grab that opening week gross and run. Doesn’t sound encouraging.

Regarding Cruise…closet queen Scientologists are the worst. The only thing good to come out of this is that he has made Scientology an even bigger joke than it was before…hopefully discouraging other lame brains from joining the cult.

BTW, if you ever meet a Scientologist, tell them to “blow the org”. It is the code words for ex-Scientologists to get the hell out of the organization, and it hits a nerve as only one who has been there knows the phrase. I know as a woman I know was almost ruined due to that asshat cult crap.

My husband really, reeeeeeaaaallllllllyyy wants to see the movie. I’m not a movie person. We won’t be going to the opening weekend, I hope. Maybe it’ll end up in the dollar theater fast (are there any dollar theaters any more?) and I won’t feel ripped off when we go.

Beyond that, I don’t give a flying fig about anything Tom Cruise-wise.

Ah, was this the “I don’t believe in Psychiatry, because Scientology has shown me the light” stuff? :rolleyes:

Because all your friendly neighbourhood schizophrenic needs is vitamins, minerals and exercise, and those women with post-partum depression should just pull themselves together…while getting in touch with their inner Thetan. :smack:

Scientology gives people like Cruise (who could quite obviously do with some sort of psychotherapy) an excuse not to seek it, and then to make people who do seek psychiatric help feel guilty for it.

Odd dude.

There’s already a thread on this over in Cafe Society, with all the appropriate ‘Cruise is a dick’ comments.

It’s risky business, I know, but I’m gonna send this thread crusin’ on over there, anyway. The other mods think I’m an outsider for my maverick ways, but I’m convinced I’m a legend.

Perhaps if you offered them some collateral?

Wouldn’t help. It’s still an impossible mission.