Tomb Raider 2013

Wow, just finished this after picking it up on release day.
I’ve heard others say it’s rather short but for a casual gamer like myself it was perfect for playing in short 30-45 minute segments every or every other day.
Just flat out fun explains it best. A linear adventure with perfect pacing and a perfect mix of platforming with shoot-em-up. Gorgeous graphics and a bunch of different set pieces.
Great moments when your simultaneously blasting bad guys and jumping for your life while your surrounding are falling apart around you.
Again, nothing too in depth but a great pick-up for the casual gamer.

I’ve been playing it the last couple days and enjoying it except for the Quick Time Events. I don’t normally mind QTE’s when they’re fairly casual but Tomb Raider has too much…

HIT LEFT AND RIGHT OVER AND OVER… MORE… NOW F! NOW E! Hahaha… too slow, you’re dead. Time to start over.

That shit gets old real fast.

Conan OBrian’s review of Tomb Raider, if you haven’t seen it. It’s pretty funny.:smiley:

Yes–this was starting to really annoy me. I imagine it works better on a 360 controller.

I ended up programming macros for continuous left-right, ‘E’, and "F’. That helped a lot, though doesn’t do much good when the game borks and doesn’t tell you what to do at all, or does, but at the wrong time. This has only happened to me twice, so far, though, and one was mostly ok, though the other one was a bit annoying (wrestling with a wolf in a cave, I’m looking at you).

Otherwise, I’m having a good time.

Wish there were a lot more puzzles, though.

I just finished this and went looking for threads on it and nobody’s talking about this game! It was so much fun - the controls were practically perfect (except for those stupid quicktime events) and it was easy enough that even I could play it without getting frustrated but difficult enough that it was still entertaining.

Is it that whole female protagonist thing? (I have to say, I was a bit uncomfortable with how very in love with Lara’s suffering the game was.) Did it not sell well?

Really enjoyed the reboot. I wish more of the puzzle elements had stuck around, and also, I don’t recall any of the other Tomb Raider games being so on the nose with the supernatural stuff - though I hadn’t really played one in a long while anyway, so maybe I’m just not remembering.
The pacing, the action and the exploration were fairly well balanced, and Lara was a much more interesting character this time around. I cared about her a lot and enjoyed going alongside her through her adventure/ordeal.

The only other issue I had with the game is that none of the other characters were anywhere as interesting as Lara. I barely even recall what any of her friends looked like, much less what their names were or eve why they were there.

I don’t have exact sales figures, but I believe the publisher complained that it under performed.

I did find it amusing that even in a game with a female protagonist there’s still another female around to be a damsel in distress.

Lol! You’re right. It’s just such a video game trope now a days that it didn’t even register.

I had bought this game on one of the previous steam sales and gave it a try today. I had forgotten how much I fucking hate QTEs. I stopped playing after the second one. I may pick it back up when I’m less frustrated.

They stop an hour or so into the game. But up till that point, there’s a fairly ridiculous number of them.

I liked it, though I kinda feel a game called Tomb Raider should involve more…Tomb rading. Each tomb was basically just a room with a single easy puzzle and a very mediocre reward at the end.

But the combat was fun, and while its probably not everybodies thing, I kinda like the “find all the stuff in the area” bits. As the OP said, it lends itself well to just turning on for an hour every once and a while, finding a few doodads, advacning a little and then leaving for a few days.

This has come up for sale on Steam, so I’m searching through for opinions.

I recall there was a controversy with some clown at the studio saying that people don’t want to be Laura Croft, they want to protect her. But I have since learned that one of the main writers Rhianna Pratchett had considerably less patronizing views about what it means to show a female character as vulnerable.

On the one hand, I do find it disappointing that they have diverged from the puzzle-style gameplay that was the hallmark of the series before. On the other hand, at this point in my life I actually don’t want to play a game of find-the-button-then-figure-out-what-it-did. I’d rather just buy a game when it’s available cheap and blow through it on easy for the story.

I’m about halfway through. I agree with this completely.

I also agree with the not being a fan of QTEs, but overall am really enjoying the game.

Graphics are an impressive improvement, and I’m really enjoying the young Lara. The rich, super-cocky Lara of the earlier games had long gotten tiresome. And I like the upgrading RPG element; I like having something to work toward besides just the next checkpoint.

I went ahead and bought it. Due to a miscalculation, I was sure the clock was going to run out before I woke up the next day. It’s downloaded, but I have a HackMaster game to run off to.

To the opinion that men won’t identify with a female character, I would like to put in that I did identify with Lara Croft in the first game when she was grunting and panting through a physically arduous and intellectually challenging deadly 3D maze, but she lost me whenever she turned into Lara Croft, International Balloon Smuggler during the cutscenes.

I’ve just started playing this yesterday; about five hours into it.

I give it an unqualified, enthusiastic, gleeful thumbs-up. It’s exciting, suspenseful, dramatic, and fast-paced. I even enjoy the QTE’s.

The opening five minutes in which she climbs out of her bunk and ultimately gets partly impaled by a spike were intense, and made me feel protective towards her immediately. Lara’s first interactions with hostile humans, in which the threat of rape has very strong undercurrents, were mesmerizing, in an “oh HELL NO this ain’t happening” kinda way. (How this game didn’t get an AO rating right then and there, even though there was no actual rape onscreen or off, is beyond me: I have no moral objections to playing Borderlands 2 with my roommate’s 8-year-old son, but paused the game and had him leave the room when he came home and I was playing Tomb Raider).

And Lara turning gradually into a bonafide badass before my eyes is making me grin. I loved how, after killing the first boss with a riot shield, two mooks RAN AWAY from me for the first time). I raised both my arms and cried a little when Lara managed to signal for help, as finally she got some good news-- and, of course, it couldn’t last… getting off the island right there would’ve made for a very short game.

That’s as far as I am, at the moment. Anyhow, thus far this is one of my favorite games ever. (If that means I’m easily impressed, you’re entitled to think so, of course).